Armstead Arrested

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The Biloxi-Gulfsport Sun Herald is reporting that Winnipeg Blue Bombers receiver and kick returner Jason Armstead was arrested this past weekend on charges of domestic violence and failure to yield to the blue lights of police officers in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Officers say that the 29-year old Armstead was in a car chasing his ex-girlfriend's vehicle when he allegedly pulled a gun and waved it at her in an effort to get her to pull over her car.

The police report stated that the five-year CFL veteran was arrested after a brief chase and was released on bond on Monday.

Armstead signed with the Bombers as a free agent in August of 2008.

Why do they have the picture of him in a Rider jersey with this story? I'm thinking the Riders are the only team that can handle this kind of bad publicity?

In b4 lock!
I can't help but chuckle a bit, "Pull over so I can shoot you! If you drive away, I won't be able to". lol!

What a moron if it is true. Im a fan of Jason Armstead, but if he actually did it he is an idiot.

I am almost certain that you won't be seeing him back in the CFL anytime soon.

the guy broke the law and did it pretty badly too.

happy retirement Jason!

This guy makes me sick. Kids, this man is a “prima donna” and this is what being that way gets you… arrested and charged. His “thuggish” actions should be seen as cowardly and totally unacceptable for anyone let alone someone with the opportunities he had in life.

If true and if convicted, he is done. He may be done with this publicity only and in the court of public opinion.

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