Armstead and Runbacks

Anyone else notice that he played 10 yds. too close on almost every punt? Finally, in the 4th, he took a 45 yd. drop instead of a 40 yd. drop and he only had to run back a few yds. to make the catch rather than try to make an awkward catch (in one case dropping it). When he gets the ball he's smooth but I sure didn't get his placement.

We were wondering when a coach was going to move him back against Prefontaine.

Yup that was a bad trade straight up let alone giving up a Canadian that will be a starter for the next decade

You must have been watching a different game than the one I saw. In the first quarter when LaFontaine was punting against the wind, he took a 45 yard drop and every punt bounced in front of him. In the second quarter when LaFontaine was punting with the wind he moved up to a 35 yard drop and every punt went over his head. This man is supposed to be an all-star punt returner, so either he got dumb in a hurry or the coaching is terrible. In any case why wasn't the special teams coach re-positioning him. We do have problems and they start with the coaching staff.

I'm not sure about the trade. I'm just wondering about the positioning.... or is this like a poker game and you just raised the ante?


Armstead misplayed every punt.On one occasion a defensive lineman turned around at least twice to get him to move back.He didn't,the ball sailed over his head!

Mark, he was directed back - both by coaches and the secondary - but he didn't budge.

Let's see how long he stays around.

was he against the trade, I wonder?

Obviously, who wants to get traded from the best team in the league to the worst...

I'll say this about the Punt Returns, did anyone notice that on every one Armstead ran into his own player trying to avert blocks?

You people seem to forget why he was acquired. He wasn't brought in for his kick/punt returns, the ti-cats needed a receiver badly, and though he hasn't yet filled that void, he should have an impact on the team once the offensive line learns how to block or timmy chang learns to take more risks. His returns were only what made him more desirable than some other receivers as they would need a replacement for holmes.

I saw a hole on the left side, and he ran right...but ya i noticed him crashing into blockers on almost ever run

Armstead's positioning was short twice. Both times in the 4th quarter and both times with the Argos JUST on their side of mid-field. Now here's why.

By playing too deep, you allow Prefontaine to kick short or to dead man's corner and hem our offence deep in our own zone.

By playing short, you force Prefontaine to kick the ball deep, where you HOPE it goes for a single to improve field position.

It's a subtle move of Army's behalf, but both times it served it's purpose.

I live in Saskatchewan and go to see the Ti-cats when they come. I've watched Armstead, he's a showboater. Holmes was quality but didn't match up with the Ti-cats dynamics. If Taffe gets on Armsteads back he'll straighten up. That's what happened here. The coaches and GM had to get on him. Trading Getzlaf was a BAD move in my opinion. I saw this kid play in Regina and he's gonna be good in a few years. Liked watching his brother in hockey as well. Tough set of boys.

Can't disagree!

Watch your Riders win their third Grey Cup this year, and deservedly so!

One question to all the people that think trading Chris Getzlaf was a bad move ...

Where were you expecting him to play for the Ticats? Just wondering, because you have two young and talented Canadians with Brock Ralph in the slot and Chris Bauman at wideout.

I know he could play another one of the receiver spots, but lets face it, no team in the league is going to start 3 non-imports at receiver.

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Armstead better be careful or he will get on Marcel's "not trying" list.
Armstead did look a little disinterested at times yesterday.