Does anyone know if Jojuan Armour signed anywhere

I'm not going to lie here but i'm a little worried with our defence this year are Dline i have no worries what so ever i honestly believe it will be a top 3 group this year.

However Linebacker all i know of is Ike and Lobo outside of that its rookies and from what i seen in both pre-season games no one really jumped out at me.

CB Glover and Jovon those 2 will be good not worried there Craver might be CB too not sure exactly where they put glover

Half-Backs- rookie's and either glover or craver those are the guys covering the big time slotbacks so this worries me a bit if we get Hefney back i think we do alot better until then i think our secondary is weak.

I know alot of people don't think Lenny Walls was a huge part of the secondary i however thought he was 1 of the best Halfbacks in the league and if he wasn't as good as alot of ppl say he wasnt why'd it only take him less than 48 hrs to find a new team i know he was huge against slotbacks like Richardson, Paris Jackson, Bruce, Rambo because he matches speed and height with them

He retired in February.

The club has also been told by linebacker JoJuan Armour that he's retiring after six seasons in the CFL, three with British Columbia.

“JoJuan was a leader on the field and in our dressing room, and we wish him the very best,” said Buono.

Derrick Doggett should be back soon. He’ll clear waivers tomorrow IIRC.

....on Doggett clearing waivers..... :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: ...the tackling machine will be welcomed back heartily :thup:

And Marcellus Bowman could be this year's Johnathan Hefney...He's been very impressive.

Front 7 should be a solid group this year.

Bowman definately looks like he is going to excel thats for sure