Armour to miss Hamilton game

News is that Armour was involved with an off field altercation coming to the aide of a female. NO charges have been laid and none are to be expected. He was left behind with a coaching decision.

there was more to it than that.

There is more to it. But there are no charges as far as legal aspect. But really it is a personal issue for Armour and really has no bearing on the football team.

I went to Walk threw not knowing he was not there.
Really Want to see the Big Dog .
I kept my word to him ..
I told him no matter where he ended up I come to his walk threw back in The Hammer

I understand why he did this and Think it good thing he did .

Well it appears he came to an aide of a woman being abused. And may have been in an altercation. He was not charged but hasa few nicks I believe. But Huffer does not like when his players get into it like this. I do not believe he is being banished from the game due to this but due to a slight injury over this and plus there may be things he had to deal with afterwards. Everything is under wraps and so it should be because it is Armours personal life not life on the footbal field. He is highly respected by his peers, coaches and the community.