ARMOUR: It was really rewarding

June 14, 2008

I’m just so appreciative to be here and to be surrounded by guys like this, by a coaching staff like this and to have an opportunity to do something special. It’s really rewarding to go out into the first pre-season game and put on a performance like we did.

You have to commend the fans. They were ready to cheer us on, regardless of the elements, be it rain, hail, sleet or snow. When you have a situation like that, you can’t do anything but perform your best for the people that support you. It was just an amazing feeling.

We were very prepared and it showed in our play. There were very few mental errors, we communicated well and did everything we needed to do as a defence to be successful. As a team to be successful, we put up points and both sides of the ball had opportunity to rest. It wasn’t like we came off the field and we were rushing back on the field. It was a total team effort and when we have that, we’re going to have success.

I am confident in my abilities and what I am able to bring to the table. It feels good to know that players are confident in me. The defensive players are confident in me, the offensive players are confident. Before the game, Nik and Cope said “you’re here for a reason, do what you do.? It feels good to know that the people on offense and coaches are supporting me. Expectations are high for myself and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having an opportunity to play against another team is great. We talked about it all week. Our training camp has been tough. Coach Huff is a disciplinarian. He wants everything executed well and we had a tough training camp. It felt good to see results playing against someone else, playing a conference opponent and seeing the results we put on tonight is outstanding. It helps you to prepare for the next week and the following week and the regular season, knowing that we were able to produce. When you’re able to see the results of hard work, it just motivates you work harder.

I would say to the fans: Get ready to prepare yourselves for something special. We have all the components to have a well-oiled machine and we have the head coach to drive that machine. We have coordinators that support our head coach. And as players we have to go out and perform with the tools that our coaches give us through the week. As long as we continue to do that, we will continue to have success.
-JoJuan Armour

Where did you get this from, rw05?

Was it published in a newspaper?

Was it on the Calgary website?

Is it a letter he wrote to you?


You have a good man there

and a very good player.

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June 15, 2008

Camp’s going pretty good. It was kind of tough at first, just getting back into it and coming from four years of being off the field. To finally get back on the field felt good. The first couple of plays, I felt kind of rusty but then after a while I started getting into it and felt lots better.

The game went pretty good. I made a couple of good reads. It was kind of hard getting into that 20-second play clock — it’s quick but I’m going to pick it up fast and hopefully things turn out to the best for me. They had me on kickoff team, kickoff return, punt team, then, I had to come back on offence. I just need to get used to it, get my endurance better and I think I’ll be good.

For my fans, I just want to say, “stay behind me.? Most people gave up on me back in the past but now I’m a different person. I’m going on a different road and I hope they stick behind me and just keep pushing me.

Most of the time leading up to the game I was just thinking, “it’s now or never.? If I don’t put it out on the field now, I’ll be back at the house struggling to get my kids some stuff. I’m just out here, playing hard and trying to get a life for myself.
-Demetris Summers

I really like Armour and his attitude. He was awesome on the Lions and I'm sure he'll be great on the Stamps too. Just a classy individual who works hard and is a good team guy. Really nice pickup for Calgary this offseason.

I remember watching him on the Lions a couple years ago and saying to myself that this guy can be great. He remindes me alot of Barrin Simpson.