Armour gone? Ken Peters article

Just read on Ken Peter's Cat chat blog that Armour may not be re-signed. Apparently Obie wants Mariuz to start to make room for more imports.

Not a big fan of this move I must say.

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Maybe Armour pissed on Obie's cornflakes in BC?

it will be sad to see him go, especially if he ends up with the blue team, but i'm sure obie has another linebacker ready along with mariuz to take his place.

Obie better be careful hes playing with fire.

I openly questioned keeping Armour due to his legal problems earlier. Maybe I wasn't as far off the mark as some here want to believe. Some guys just aren't worth the aggrevation. To me this may be the first sign of good things to come. To me this may be the most important message that you can send if you want to be successful

What legal problems does he have?

I can't Believe that going to let him go.

Mariuz is a Fine Backup
There's No way he could beat Armour out on his best day.

We got the 1 2 Linebacker Punch in the league at LB.
If Obie is not going to resign him
it's a Big Mistake
He'll Sign with Toronto and Make us pay

Count on it
He Hurt Printers and with out Casey the season is done.

I agree Armour is better. That does not mean that I think having Armour would make us a better team. If you want to create a new attitude in the dressing room you need to get rid of some of the attitude even when it looks to hurt from the outside. The same argument was made for the release of Cody on this board by mny of those bemoaning the loss of Armour.

Maybe its just a cap issue instead? Maybe the same money can be spent elsewhere to improve another area of need, Goodness knows we have a few. Its possible that Armours spot is judged to be easier to fill than another position targeted for a signing. Who knows?

He wants to be here.
He has never been a Locker room Problem.
If anything he Been a Model Ticat.

We need that Veteran Presents on D.

He why I say that .
(1) Armor wants to be close to off-season Home in Ohio.

(2)I am sure if The Cats By Pass Resigning him.
He want to show all They made a Mistake

(3) what better way then Knocking Printers out for the season.

it Called Pride...

(4) With Out Casy
Ritchie will have fill in
he still Very young
so Mistakes will happen.

(5) Too Many Mistakes mean out of the playoffs

Onknight, his locker room behaviour is not being questioned. Hisoff field behavior is documented in the Toledo papers and he'scurrently being sued over an incident last January. The case was dropped but the incident is still under investigation and could re-emerge.

All of the Players I have spoken too
Speak Highly of Him
Yes I don't know for sure
But I Trust people to give me their word.
Our world is losing is Faith in Peoples word.

A Man word use to be his Bond.
I want to try and Restore that.

First of All if im not mistaken, Hamilton is closer to Ohio than Toronto where do you justify your reasoning by saying he wants to be closer to his offseason home?

Secondly, I don't think Armour would be one to comeback and seek revenge by purposely trying to injure the starting quarterback, which is what you basically are implying he would do.

Finally, dude, get a grip, its february for cryin out loud, it is way to early to be saying how much missing one player is going to be, if this is all true...I am confident that Obie can find a suitable replacement for Armour if he wishes not to resign him

Don't get me wrong or anything the author for this speculation has no quotes, no facts and its his blog. He hasn't even put this in the paper he writes for!!!

Like many on here have said, lets not jump to conclusions

Its quite an insult to Armour himself to say he would take out any player on purpose.

I have never known him to be a dirty player.

As far as the decision to sign Armour or let him go it comes down to a few things.
Do we have a replacement?
Can we afford him financially or is the money better spent elsewhere?
Is he a luxury with the tackling machine Moreno taking care of business beside him?
And of course the Canadian Import ratio. Does Obie have that position button-holed for a Canadian.
I have said it before, trust Obie he knows what he is doing, and he knows exactly what Armour can do.

Breaking News!! :smiley:

Anderson, Armour Out?

Ticat GM O'Billovich continues to shuffle his deck

February 05, 2008 Ken Peters

The Hamilton Spectator

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Armour wants to return to Hamilton for a third season.

'but the 31-year-old four-year C.F.L vet said

the Cats haven't made him an offer
but rather have given him permission
to talk to other teams.

"I don't think the door is completely closed
but it isn't looking too good," he said.

Ken Peters seems more like a tabloid writer at times. This is one of those times..

I think it's naive to assume that any player would give a fan an inside, honest opinion that is not flattering.

A team bond is strong and usually what goes on inside the locker, stays there. You are not going to get any dirt talking to players.

Faith, bond etc. If there is some, then it will be among them and they'll keep it to themselves. Or, at least they should.