Armour being suspended by his club

Okay I would like to see how everyone feels about this. The Calgary Stampeders suspended Armour for a game. The story seems vague but it appears it was because he came to the aide of a female in distress. Now we do not know the circumstances but if he did help someone out why would he then be suspended by his club. No charges werre laid he was suspended for being in an altercation and he is a rep for the Stamps. So the question is did the Stamps do the right thing in suspending him for helping someone out and getting into an altercation.

Impossible to say one way or the other. However it just doesn't seem reasonable for the Stamps to suspend him for "helping a female in distress". More than likely there was a lot more to it than what they"re saying. Then again, I don't want to pull a Jake Ireland" on the guy. (not sure if it was Ireland who kicked him out of the Rider game).

Do you have any kind of link to an article on this situation 05? On the face of it, I would say it was wrong of the team of suspend him.

Simply not enough info there, 05. I've seen enough barroom brawls in my day to know that often "defence of a woman" is what starts it, but realistically, 99 out of a hundred times, there was no need for the fight, and the guys were either showing off, or choose to fight. Unless this woman was actually being attacked physically, who can say. All I can say is, the club likely has more info than you have given us, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

I believe they are keeping very quiet on it because Armour asked them to keep his personal affairs to hiimself. But there were not charges laid. And a team mate of his from Hamilton says he came to the aide of a female in distress. The reason he was suspended is because apparently the code of conduct while employed by the Stamps. My point is if he did help someone in distress why in the world would a team suspend him. Apparently he breached their code of conduct. I for one am disappointed in the stance the Stamps management took on this. It would be different if he was out being rowdy in a bar and picked a fight. But clearly this is not the case otherwise charges would have been laid. The statement wrong place at the wrong time is an indication Stamp management did not like that he was in an altercation.

Again, most fights do not see charges lain, and even those that do seldom go anywhere. So whether or not charges were lain doesn't really tell us anything. Of course I am not a big fan of the "code of conduct" because they are often to inflexible.

Well Arius I am sure you would argue blue is black or black is blue. But in most cases when there is a fight in a public place and the police are called charges are laid not lain.

Nice pick up on the grammar. Still hilarious coming from you though....
Anyway, in your extensive detail of what happened, nowhere do you even tell us if the police were called. But often, depending on the situation, if nobody is injured, even the police do not lay charges. So, were the police called/ was anyone hurt? I'm not arguing black or blue here. I'm telling you that you simply haven't given us nearly enough information. You toss out one rumour, with no corroboration, and want people to support your position. All I said was, you have given no reason why the club shouldn't be trusted for their judgement on this one.

the team didn't just suspend him for no apparent reason. There is more to this story than is being told,and nobody is probably ever going to find out. Huff wouldn't act that way with no apparent reason and let him loose money. You cannot defend what ypu don't know.

Well if Armour has a broekne nose and bruises I guess of course the police were called in. But do to the fact he came to aid a young lady in distress why would he be charged it seems he was not the agressor. The details you have is what has been released.

Or maybe he is a troublemaker:

Ex-NFL, City League player charged in brawl Onetime Central Catholic star, 2nd man suspects in downtown assault
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Armour himself says he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and should have been smarter this time, but he has a history. As I look further into this, I will now cast a vote saying the club was correct.

In your posts on the Calgary forum, 05, it appears that Armour says he let his team, his teammates and the fans down, which means he is accepting his punishment. It will be interesting to see if he plays agaisnt BC this week, or wether or not Hufnagel has calmed down enough to let him play. The Stampeders did the right thing, and Armour even admits he should have never put himself into that position.

Good upstanding gentlemen. Fair enough it was from awhile ago, but I would like to see you defend him now Red, after all you said about the Rider fan stumbling and grabbing a belt of an officer. Armour full on assaulted one according to this article.

Good on the Stamps for suspending, Armour could have been just helping out a lady, but he is a representative of the team and shouldn't be getting in fights.

I believe management has said he has paid his dues and will be back. We will see maybe they want to start some of the young guys this coming non menaingful game.

My first thought is that the team is probably taking the right stance on this, but without much for information it's really tough to tell. It is kinda refreshing that the Stamps team is holding their players accountable for their actions though.

Now if only other teams who had visual evidence of players doing wrong would do the same :wink:

I will not defend Armour on the one where he assault an officer. If he got punished he deserved it. But in this case he came to the aide of a woman in distress. Much different story and at a different place. I would hope the rider fans charged in the incident in Calgary will learn from their ewxperience if they do not well it would appear nothing can. Much like Armour he has accepted his punishment and yes he should have known better but then again we do not have all the details. The point I am making if he is in fact just helping someone and gets assaulted doing it. Then I think the Stamps made a mistake in suspending him.

"I'm not trying to be evasive but the truth is, there aren't a lot of details to discuss," said Hufnagel. "JoJuan was out on Tuesday, he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was roughed up. We investigated what happened, but there were no charges laid and [b]no police reports were filed[/b]. We've heard various stories about what might have happened, but I don't want to speculate or make judgment based on hearsay."
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And it wouldn't have been that tough for you to provide some links for this story, as there are several articles. Combined with your less than unbiased poll questions, I am not feeling much love towards Mr. Armour right now. If this had been KK and a Roy Shivers signing in Riderville, you'd be calling him a gangster or a thug about now. Personally, I think the suspension by the team seems warranted, they say he will play this week and the situation has been dealt with. Good enough for me.

Based on what I've read, he did not deserve the suspension.

Thanks for the article, Arius, but still not much information. To be honest, it sounds to me like the Stamps acted appropriately. I thought this paragraph was quite interesting.

One of Armour's former teammates in Hamilton told local media that Armour got in a fight coming to the aid of a woman who was scuffling with her male companion.
Now, unless the companion was full on hitting the woman, I see no reason for Armour to jump in. In my opinion, the situation was between the woman and her companion. It had nothing to do with Armour.