Armour accusses ref of encouraging crowd

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Now calgary's Armour states that a sideline official was signalling the rider fans to make noise. When will they quit making excusses for their behavior and own up to the fact that they didn't play good enough to win. Riders played a good game, simple as that. Reff's were not cheering for the riders. Completely obsured.

I don't know what that link was supposed to show, but I doubt ANY REFEREE in ANY LEAGUE would do that. They wouldn't last long if that really happened.

After the fines levied, I don't beleive Armour would make a comment like that.

Source please.

Sorry wrong link

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If thats on tape then expect an Official to be fired this week.

If I had to guess, because the links didn't seem to show anything about the comments, it was the sideline official putting his arms out to signal that no more players can go on the field.

Yup, Taylor field needs the refs to get the fans going. I think it's the same ref that has bought up all the tickets to give them 15 or 16 stright sellouts, whatever it is. These Primadonnas are about to find out the hard way. The 10,000 Rider fans that are in their backyard on Monday will drown out the 25,000 Stampeder Library patrons. Burris will again be using hand signals at the line, and that usually makes it 1 to many things that Henry has to think about. I say 3 interceptions will be served up on Monday. But of course even with that it will not be the Riders that beat the Stamps but rather they beat themselves. You would think after 4 years of continually using this excuse as reasons for losses, they would figure out that they are suppose to beat the other team and not themselves. Then maybe they could win a playoff game for the first time in 6 years. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer are they.?

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Rod Pedersen says it was the radio reporter. Joe Hadesbeck.

at the 32:00 mark

the side judge backing himself toward the sideline and putting up the no substitutions gate. He's kinda bouncing as he tries to back toward the sideline

Accusing the officials of this is disparaging to the league, and fines could be in order.

From Rod's blog...

In response to Stampeder linebacker JoJuan Armour's claim that a sideline official was rallying the Rider Nation to get loud during a Stampeders' drive in the fourth quarter Friday night, I've been informed that was actually JOE HADESEBECK, CKRM's sideline reporter doing the rallying.

Joe "Don't Call Me Hasselback" Hadesbeck was situated right beside that official waving his arms in the air.

Hopefully that clears things up.

awww. Gainer is mean to the poor stick crew...

...funny...I thought I saw him holding that next to the Lions bench....

Wow. You sure know how to predict them Taleback. Bishop indeed did throw for three... wait you were talking about Burris!? Oh...