Armchair GM - Potential Trade

You obviously know little about the Toronto market. Bringing in one moderately well known American player (who has proven nothing in pro football) will not miraculously turn around 35 years of market neglect. Newsflash: the greatest player in CFL history (Doug Flutie) played to crowds of 18,000 in his two years in Toronto. The highest-paid player in all of football (Rocket Ismail) played before ONE regular-season crowd over 40,000 in two years in Toronto. Yet Manziel would double ST sales overnight? Glad you're not running the Argos.

Johnny Football for Shawn Lemon, Jermaine Gabriel and 2018 first draft choice.

That's all? Surely the Cats could get another half-dozen starters.

It cracks me up when fans propose trades that would be incredibly lopsided for their team, as if they are realistic.

And wouldn't the TSN panel go orgasmic over Manziel? Talk about buzz! It'd be Manziel and Argos, all day, all the time. Besides, I can't see him ever coming to Hamilton to back-up Zach and possibly be 3rd behind Jerimiah. Take too many dollars to get him here, especially to back-up, and realistically, does anyone really want him? Casey Printers and Stevie Baggs come to mind as saviours that weren't!

Foley has been useless since Sask. Cats could have signed M.Black if they wanted to as he was a FA - tells me what I need to know. As for Manziel, WHY DO ANYTHING that may improve the argos??? For a draft pick? A draft pick for a guy who reminds me of Flutie on the field (off a different story). No thanks... let the Argos rot... I like where they are

Hey it's all in fun and speculation
What would you think the return on Drew Willy would have been or the rights to Vernon Adams?

Are you going to be ok? Im sorry I seemed to have ruined your day. Sorry for trying to spark a discussion with other fellow football fans, and im also sorry for enjoying football as a whole. I will never speak of it again, for all we know Kent Austin is on here as we speak taking notes :roll:

And FYI Manziel isnt moderately well known, hes a superstar. Some of that for good reasons, some for having his face plastered all over TMZ. The good side of him is Johnny football, the QB who does things on the field no QB would even try in this day and age. Look at the buzz when the Al's signed Michael Sam. Now there was a moderately well known football player, whos only real claim to fame was that he was the first openly gay current NFL player. Manziel is a hell of a player with a ton of star power in a city that craves big names and big winners. I dont know the market? I work in Toronto. Alot of my family is from and still lives in Toronto. All people care about in the world of football is the NFL, and I guarantee you almost everybody knows who Johnny Manziel is as long as you live in North America. So tell me even at least the TV numbers for his games wouldnt be huge. All speculation obviously but Manziel most likely would put alot of butts in the seats and Toronto badly needs that right now

Anthony coombs would be my choice

I like that!
Would you use him as a RB or as a slot sort of like Andre Durie?

Both in cfl offences positions tend to be blurred but the durie reference is a good comparison

Why the hit on Baggs??? Good guy. Did a quite good job while here. Aging vet cut due to $.

As a fan of the NFL and CFL I can't believe that anybody would not see the league as a desperate carnival show with a Manziel signing .

He wasn't that good in the NFL and showed he did not have any character to play pro football . I would be embarrassed just like the OCHO signing it is disgusting to bring in someone who is unable to play the game because
you think they may have fans north of the border .

Ocho actually did nothing or brought down the league a little . He could not run patterns and could not waggle at the line . Nobody came to see yesterdays news . Manziel was a bust in the NFL not only in talent but in being a team player and had low character . This is a guy that had everything in life given to him; he is no Cato and no where near a Flutie type . Speaking of Flutie the Argos had terrible crowds with his championship teams .

yes and you can expect the Ticats to receive a 6th round draft pick for Manziel, better than nothing.

You cant really compare Ocho to Manziel when one was out of football for a while and what, 38, 39 years old whereas Manziel could very well still have a career and be the next Flutie at the age of 24

I encourage you to watch Flutie's story there is a big difference in the man's competitive side , character and abilities than Manziel .

Flutie loves football/sport and Manziel loves Manziel . There is a major difference in who these people are that make not only the man the player /teammate better . Being a hard done Brown fan he was a dog in the bad way .


If he doesn't take the NFL seriously why would you even look twice at this man .

If we give away Manziel for a 6th round pick and a bag of balls, and he turns out reasonabily good , I will be so bloody
pissed. The very least is a 1st round pick this year.

Oh if they have used their 1st round pick this year, take Venable from them or trade him to the Riders first.

Maybe youve heard of this man named Cris Carter, loved himself more than the game, got involved in some bad stuff and turned it around. Or skill wise, Kurt Warner. Nobody thought he was good enough, he was bagging groceries for a while then wins a SB with the Rams and nearly wins one with tbe Cards

You guys act like im saying this kid is a home run slam dunk of a sure thing, thats not what im saying at all. He's a HUGE name in the football world, he's young and he's got the potential to do ridiculously good things on the field. And while some of you guys would be happy to just give him away, im sure if a guy like Vernon Adams can draw a first rounder, you have to be crazy to think Manziel is only worth a 6th or nothing at all.