Armanti Edwarrds

Really excited to see what they try with this guy. at 5-11 he is shorter than they have ought out for a WR, but he is also a respectable receiver and just an overall great athlete who can play a lot of different positions. I know the Panthers were really high on him and traded for him with a plan...he never ended up working out for them, but I think he still has potential given a shot. He had a sensational collegiate career and could actually be a legit contender at QB. You want to talk about mobile QBs...this is it...not many are as mobile as him. Not too often the CFL sees a Walter Peyton award winner...never mind a 2 time winner. This guy is smart and you could line him up at QB, WR, SB, RB, DB, LB...he is just one of those players.

Really interested in watching how this guy progresses and hoping he makes it to training camp.

Agreed, have been reading about this guy and seems his head is in the right place, along with his attitude.
Imagination runs wild thinking of the possibilities here. :cowboy:

indeed....and this is the result of the club having a presence down south. He and his agent saw the Riders a lot and liked what they were saying....they approached the Riders when they could have talked to any club...great sign. Riders are getting a lot of attention down south with how they are doing things...great to see

Yes, also however speaks to the "attention" Jones is getting down south for what he is attempting here in Saskatchewan which will inevitably open doors down south I would bet. :cowboy:

I'm fine with that. If someone gets an opportunity to move be it

Sounds like an opportunity to use a wildcat set :smiley:

For sure, and if Jones builds a solid foundation for the RoughRider Franchise, he diserves the best.
From my observations over the years, I found that the reality is, "Contacts" (Jone's pipeline down south) are loyal mostly to the 'Contact-er' (Jones) not the team he represents at the time.
Over the years as different Managers have come and gone, so have their contact pipelines down south :cowboy:

That sounds little weird!

He was another good find, but without a good QB, don't mean jack!!

Yes but you need an O-Line as well

Yes we do, we need to have both!!