Armanti Edwards traded

For Peter Dyakowski

Dyakowski could be a great asset to the OL...but I am not a fan of this move.

neither am I

I rather like Edwards and would have put him in the top few WRs on the team. That said, after digesting this some it is a pickup of a national who is clearly capable of starting and has a couple years of good production left in him...that is a win because they gave up a guy in a position that they have a pile of depth in.

And he retires in 3,2,1....

looked pretty pumped on twitter.

To me this is a good trade. We have a wealth of good international receivers right now.

Roosevelt, Holley, Collins, Carter, Grant, Owens, and even Craig who had potential in the slot. If we had kept Edwards they leaves us with 8 good Int receivers. And a limited amount of spots. Most teams keep 7 WRs on their roster. At least 2 will go to Nats this season. That leaves 4, maybe 5 spots for Ints.
Roosevelt, Holley, Collins and Carter would be my picks. Then Owens as a 5th if he is showing good and healthy in the pre-season. Though I could see them opt for a Nat like Stanford.
This isn't even considering the idea of young Ints we have brought in who might be looking amazing.
Where does Edwards fit?

Instead we got a veteran Nat O-lineman out of the deal. I like Edwards just fine but this is a good move.

This is true although I think Edwards will be a very good receiver. Still not getting the Owens and Grant pick up. Sure Owens is a good team player and probably a good example for the younger guys but Grant? Meh a wasted spot in my opinion.

Its not the worse move we have made as long as Dyakowski is as pumped as he is letting on. Look at some of the other players that were "excited to be here" and then poof vanished into thin air. Time will tell I guess but I do get trading one of our int receivers for a Nat O lineman as that is always an area where injuries occur and a lot harder to find good fill ins.

I don't disagree, Grant and Owens still baffle me, and I would rather have seen Jones just keep our Int receivers as they were. I wold rather Edwards over Carter to be honest, but I understand why Jones wants Carter.
With the way things sit though the move makes sense. For now I'm gonna praise the move and wait to see what comes of it.

I really really like Edwards and Dyakowski is 33. That said I guess it makes sense on the surface.

Got pooploads of really good receivers and they got a starting caliber national…makes a lot of sense really. Thus far receivers have looked great in camp for someone filling his spot (and I like him a lot) and the first practice that Dyakowski (today) he was probably the best on the entire OL (which was somewhat surprising) and he instantly makes the OL better.

Very good move!
OL is absolute priority. Excessive/Excellent depth in Receivers
It all begins with an impenetrable OL so what ever QB or Receiver is left, can do their work offensively. :cowboy:

Great to hear and not surprised. Last year our Oline might have been one of the worst in the history of the CFL.

Worst in history? Not sure about that...they were basically statistically 8th and an argument could be made 9th last season no way it was one of the worst...but was pretty rough losing so many nationals so early in what was already a rebuild. The crazy part is now you might see someone cut who is actually ahead of that. Unless a national can play or rotate at RT they might be cutting a solid player. This trade really changed things.

It was pretty bad. As far as I'm concerned it won't take much to be better. I'm liking what I'm hearing so far.