Armanti Edwards signs in XFL

Another top FA Receiver going to the XFL

He also QBed Appalachian St to a monster upset over the Wolverines.

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Maybe he will go to the XFL as a QB,
They sure need an improvement in their QBing!! :rofl:

Lol. Edwards may not be a QB anymore. But he is one heck of a rec now.
THE XFL does have some really good receivers that will attract NFL & CFL attention.
Then they have some not so good receivers.
CAL REC for Most teams are solid across the board.
Vets like SJ and Edwards that are seeing the cap crunch. The XFL is all over them. And these same REC that are getting crunched see an opportunity to do more than sit home a d wait out a. Injury so the can fit into cap reqjirements. But getting paid to play. Iā€™m the meantime

As for QBs Pro football is in an era of a massive QB shortage.
32 NFL
9 to
All team 9
= 50 teams

Not nearly enuff starting pro QBs. Let alone quality back ups.

This is a pro football problem across the board.

Now the smaller cfl is looking for a 10th team for the greater good of the future.
The XFL is allowing some young QBs to strut their stuff with live bullets instead of sitting on NFL PRs.
But the 32 team Nfl wants to expand more.

It seems like the NFL is taking some second rate talent from the CFL. Honestly I don't see this league as being much to worry about. The XFL will fold again within a year or two.