Arm Tackling

The Mount Hamilton Ti-Cat pee wee team could give these guys a lesson in tackling.
Then, when they do make contact with their body they don't wrap-up. ( there were a few exceptions )
Hitchcock and Morreale looked to be the best of the night and they're " old " !!

   250 yrds. by 1 RB  ............   Kavis will wear this game  !

Kieth is a great RB yes...

The Ti-Cats however gave him about 90% of his onfield production with yes... arm tackling.

I can't concieve of what happened to these players who some how made it pro? No one seemed to be able to square up & wrap Kieth, who isn't a large back by any means. Did he pull some moves? Sure! But our defense was too busy getting man-handled by blocks & finding themselves misplaced on the play to do anything about it...

Blow up this football operation... do what you want this year... but come May 2007, a good 20 players, the entire coaching staff & the GM better have a completely new look..

Our defense and special teams seem to think they can achieve success by using very meager tackling attempts. Very few of these guys are putting much into bringing down the runner.
They are either out of position, blocked or deked out of their jocks by flashy runners and receivers.
There doesn't seem to be a concerted effort to actually TACKLE.
Remember, all good tackles start at the opponents knees.