Arm flexing

Good afternoon,

I've seen this for a long time now but have never find an answer to this. Can someone explain to me why football players and coaching staff flex their arm muscles before taking the field? Is it some code for like go strong? Kick some butt?

What does it mean?


not really sure what you are talking about, but I know most player have little things they do to jumpstart circulation...could be part of it

He means is non-verbal code, for (quickly) relaying an instruction to the players on the field, but because it's code it will mean different things to different teams..a specific formation, a series of plays, a set of predetermined assignments, etc.

Yeah, agreed here. Photo made more sense as to what was meant.

With the Als and probably other teams too it signaled a “jumbo” formation - additional blockers with a fullback and 6th o-lineman.

Thanks for the reply. Makes more sense now that it's "code" since I see many teams doing it.

As a signal to teammates, it checks al the boxes. Easy to perform, easy to see, and the guy can feel good about himself while doing it.

Unlike potential alternatives: e.g. flapping your arms like a chicken, playing air guitar, or patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time.

...the first time I played organized contact football the head coach asked us to do this at the beginning of the first practice and anyone that failed would be told to leave...everyone passed...

The signs and signals on the sidelines of professional sports has always fascinated me. I was at the Argos game on Saturday, and a coaching assistant on Edmonton's sideline was occasionally holding up a sign of the character Tails from the the Sonic The Hedgehog video game series. Totally baffling; I couldn't figure out the pattern.

...NCAA has been doing that for awhile

What always amazed me was the whining about stealing signs/signals

The latest being the Boston red socks

Teams have been trying to steal signals since 5 minutes after the first signal