Arland Bruuuuuuuuce

Ok Arland may not have had another 200 yard game, but he had another great game. That throw was incredible and the hat was cool too. I liked what he had to say about Glenn.
He is such an awesome player and outstanding example for this team.

And Glenn deserves credit for another great game too.... :rockin: .

Funny how just over a year ago people were wondering whether he'd be a cancer in the locker room or not.

I certainly wasn’t one of them. But those people are eating their words now aren’t they.

Neither was I. I was through the roof when the trade was rumoured. Him and Glenn have been phenomenal here. So happy two coaches (both now out of work, coincidence?) thought that they were no longer good fits for their teams. I guess Mike Kelly and Bart Andrus were good for something after all. :smiley:

Same here.The second rumors started popping up I was overrun with excitement.I was already imagining the damage he could do and his vet. leadership AND he's an overall morale booster.Probably one of the best trades in Ticat history IMO :thup:

Is there anybody else that couldn't stop laughing when they showed him with that hat? I thought it was the funniest thing and it definitely does not suit him at all!

That was... quite the hat. :lol:

We Finally have Player Worthy of Using #1
Thank you Arland For Returning the #1 back to a Number that Opposing players Fear!!!
Not since Days Of Winfield and Stabler has that Happened.

AB is incredible.He literally can put up these huge games every game IMO.

I was so energized when i heard he was coming to Hamilton.
It left me thinking #1 your are trading one of the top recievers in the CFL.
but also #2 Your trading him within your conference to your main rival.

why wouldn't you send him to like B.C. or somebody where you won't have to play against him as much and not
help out your arch-nemesis (us) ???

But hey, i'm happy.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was reported that Bruce said he would only accept a trade to Hamilton. He wouldn't report if he went anywhere else (like what Tom Canada did; by the way, where is Tom Canada nowadays? :lol:) and if the Argos cut him he'd just sign in Hamilton anyway. Toronto really had no choice. This was over a year ago, but I believe this is what was reported.

Oh yeah? then it makes sense.

I think, I'm not sure though. I'll wait until someone can confirm or call me an idiot. But this is what I remember being reported last season.

I remember it as Bruce being shopped around the league and nobody being interested because of the situation between him and Andrus over the few weeks prior.Everybody thought he was a disease and that his time in the CFL was done so they had no interest.It was down to trading to Hamilton for next to nothing or releasing him to sign in Hamilton for nothing.

I think none of us really now. You could be right, but as I said, I seem to recall the reports being that he only wanted to go to Hamilton because all his business interests were in Toronto. Again, I wouldn't be surprised if you are in fact correct. Maybe I should just go and find the bloody articles. I am on the Internet after all.

Good on Arland for wearing that nifty fancy hat on camera for the nation to see.
[b]He has a strong self-image . He doesn't worry about what someone might say.

Somewhat like myself [/b] :wink: except, in my case,

I called the Chia Pet people and asked them to re-seed my head
from the hairline back but they never returned any of my calls.

so, consequently I need my H.A.T. more than Arland Bruce does.


H.A.T. stands for Hair Alternative Technique.

There's a strange irony that if it weren't for Bart Andrus we wouldn't be enjoying the outstanding play of Mr. Bruce... and Andrus didn't last very long. Just long enough to help out Hamilton...

Anybody have a pic of the hat? I missed it...

You can re-watch the game on

I think they showed the interview sometime in the first half.

That should likely read as STAPLER.

8) Steve Stapler didn't wear #1, Tom.