Arland Bruce's website

So i just visited his website looking to see if he personally repsonded to the fine from the league.
While i was there i saw you could type in a comment and he would repsond.
I just bashed him for about 10 minutes about growing up and continuing to do stupid immature stuff on the field. Hope he repsonds, if you as heated as me and need to take it out, do it on this site..
Some people might think this is stupid, but after being at the games live both years with his so called celebrations I need to say something, i hope it makes it to him personally.
Maybe if we get enough people emailing him he MIGHT!? considering growing up just a bit?

Go Cats.

LOL, easy buddy. Hating Bruce isn't gonna make the Cats any better. It's funny how only the Cats fans want him fined and suspended for a TD celebration! He did recieve two majors for the silly act. Offensive lineman can punch and fight and get nothing. Its not like he took his stick and wacked a player like we see in our beloved NHL game.

Bruce stupid move put the Cats in scoring position and he got fined. It's over and penalty was served.

Except he obviously doesn't get it.

He was fined last year for his stupid Spidey routine.

The fine didn't serve as a deterrent, so a suspension should have been levied. The league shows no testicular courage.

The Cats play is irrelevant. He should have got whacked... by a player...then the league.

I wouldn’t give him any attention for this stuff. The fact that he wants attention is probably the reason he does it in the first place.

You need a life, seriously. Celebrations are fun, if this was a Ti-Cat player you wouldn't care. Are you writing long rants telling Jermaine Copeland to grow up? T.O? Steve Smith?

Move on.

i don't know why you care, unless you play for the argos and are affected by the 15 yard penalty he takes... he did the spider man for his son so thats pretty cool if you ask me. I love TD dances there fun to watch and get me pumped

I was a bit worried someone was gonna nail him with a beer can. Pretty close to the seats to pull a clown move like that...

If he pulled that stunt on Labour Day, he more than likely would have.

I say go to it Arland. If he does that every time he scores a TD on us we should start with good field position about five or six times a game. :smiley:

I can't wait until labour day. Mr Bruce will get a really warm welcome back to Ivor Wynne. A welcome of booz..............

There celebrations are fine, not disrespectful to the fans and little ones in the audience.

Because its disrespectful to everyone, you score, show some class and run back to your bench. If you celebrate make it quick and unrehearsed.


I prefer when players, “act like they’ve been there before.”

On an aside, I think it’s somewhat ironic that Arland has “Mr. Mature” stamped on his own personal site.

bruce gave a tribute to someone who recently died by pretending to be a corpse. thats not only classless its retarded. i mean there are a million things he could have thought up, and he chose to pretend to be dead to pay tribute to a dead guy.

i mean a dance routine or whatever is fine, im not saying ban celebrations but that was pretty stupid.

I vote we actually make him a corpse....

pickled eggs. we should start bringing in tons of pickeled eggs. some to eat. some to throw.

Pickled eggs sounds perfect.. they're a little pricey... but any expulsion or ban should be lifted for cases where the opposing player is a dick and the projectile is non-lethal if at least stinky...

I don't understand why people are so offended with his celebration?

I was more offended that we let him score.

He's an jerk who purposely acts like a clown to piss us, the fans, off... I don't care if the Cats are down 80-0, I'd still take reservation to his antics and he deserves to get slapped... I hope someone lays him out next week on top of his fine...

Yup, very much agree.
I'd give a standing 'o' to any of our boyz if they decided to go over there and hammer on him for that stuff. Might put an end to it and make a statement about showing some respect to your opponents. I don't agree with putting up with that it a hockey mindset, but you wouldn't see that crap going on out on the ice.