Arland Bruce's "Ticats" rap song

C’mon, y’all know the song, whenever he makes a catch there’s like a quick clip of it played over the loudspeakers at Ivor Wynne. I do quite dig the song. Posted bout a month ago in another fan rap song thread (which was itself pretty good) and someone else on the board was looking for it to no avail. I even asked Bruce himself at that fan meet up on the field thingie a few weeks ago and even he didn’t know how to get a copy of it. He said it was a full track and not just a clip. Has anyone who makes the cats videos on the site used it, or have it in full? Or even if it’s on youtube it’d be a great help. It’s pretty :rockin: What we need is a direct line to whoever’s spinning the tunes up in the booth at games. Which I’ve always enjoyed, never really heard a bad song at a game yet.

You know what would also be a nice find? That classic Ti-Cats old timey song they play at the end of games, when they win usually. It has the Oskie-Wee-Wee chant in it. I have no idea where it’s from but it’s a blast to hear.

On a semi-related note, I did find this fan song, which is more rockabily style but lots of fun too. Any fan song is a good fan song.

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Is it the song that has the hook "ticats ticats cflllllllllllll" if so my friend has it on a disc that AB3 gave him (he was handing out autographed copies, my friend works at IWS) earlier in the season. I can get the disc off him and try to upload it to youtube somehow.

thats the one for sure!

Yeah, that's the one. It'd be awesome if you can get it. If you want to skip youtube, I suggest putting the mp3 directly on (just click on "Upload files here" at the top right) but unless you register I think it'll only give you about 10 downloads.

I'll let you guys know when I get it, what software should I use for ripping just windows media player?

WMP should do the job, then from there it's a piece of cake.

iTunes is even easier, if you're hip with the iTunes, as the kids like to say. Assuming the file is even under 10 megs you could e-mail it. Thanks a lot in advance.

I've been trying to get my hands on a copy of this song for over a year. I would be very grateful for anyone who was able to get me a copy.

Alright I ripped it with WMP and it was in WMA format so I converted to MP3. Hopefully this works. If anyone wants scans of the CD/cover let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Dude, I can't thank you enough! YOU ARE THE MAN!

I can't believe that song is over 4 minutes long.

It's pretty repetitive, lol. I too can't believe it's that long, consider they only play about 15 seconds of it at the game.

Wow, that's service, thank you very much! What's the title? I'm just going with Arland Bruce - Ticats

I know you didn't ask me the question, but if you're interested, the artist's name is Mr. Moneymaker. I was told by Arland Bruce himself. Don't know the title, however.

Yah, k, I'm gonna label it "Mr Moneymaker feat. Arland Bruce - We're the TiCats" just for the hellova it.

On the disc it says "Hamilton Tiger Cats Anthem Theme Songs" and a bunch of stuff like "MMR Records", "Mr. Mature" :lol:, "Mr. Johnney Bronx" and some other random symbols.

the title i belive is called "Loonie and Toonies"

Rock on Mr. Bruce Rock on!!! :rockin:

MMR probably stands Money Makin Records, which is Arland Bruce's record label. How weird that everyone on the label goes by Mr. Something or other.

Loonies and Toonies is another song. Same dude, though.

Cover & CD for anyone interested, gives me an excuse to use my scanner. :thup:

I had to laugh at them using the ABIII wallpaper from last season.

And thanks for the scan.