Arland Bruce's Michael Jackson "tribute"????

Odd one, what did you guys think?

More moronic antics by "Arland Bruce The Turd"

I have no problem with it being a big M.J. fan. He got punished and they won the game. Some people wont understand how big his death is. Geatest performer/entertainer of all time period.

Every generation has a version of "the greatest".

I saw it, but it didn't really bother me at the time. If he hadn't taken his armour off he probably would have gotten away with it.

Arland Bruce is a great player, but I thought his actions were tacky and inappropriate. He's lucky he only got fined a little bit.

How the hell would anybody know what he was doing if he didn't say so? It wasn't exactly obvious unlike the tributes last year to Jason Tucker.

It was pathetic and bizarre. Especially the part where he danced with Bubbles and Blanket. Oh wait, that didn't happen, that's next game.

Never a fan of his. Talks a lot, and acts like a troubled child, and the worst part is he backs up his talk with spectacular catches and plays. There's nothing worse than a guy who talks smack, and backs it up...

Not sure how this was a Tribute. Need someone to explain that to me as I see it as something you would do if you hated Michael Jackson. He could of done a signature kick or a crotch grab, but to pretend to be dead to celebrate something, Ie.. a touchdown. I just dont get it.

I agree with you, Dyslexic. A tribute would have been to perform (or attempt) one of his dance moves, as I noticed another player do later on in the game. But pretending to be dead? That's just plain sick. Why not just grab his chest and fall on his face? Maybe he could have one of the other players pretend to do CPR on him. I'm far from a fan of Michael Jackson, but such a "celebration", calling it a "tribute", is twisted.

And any celebration that results in your team receiving a penalty just shows that your ego has surpassed your dedication to the team. "I'm going to do something that will hurt my team just so I can make sure I make all the highlight reels for my own personal glory."

This isn't the first time he's gotten in trouble for one of his celebrations. He's not exactly acting like the veteran player he is. Hopefully Andrus let him know he won't put up with this crap.

I have no problem with him trying to do a tribute, but he got it so wrong, playing dead was distasteful. He should have tried something everyone would have gotten, a moon walk, even a bad moon walk would have been better. Taking off all of his equipment was just stupid.

I don't know if he really should have been fined for that. It was in poor taste I agree, but he was more guilty of being honest to that TSN reporter. I agree, the moonwalk or a white glove or something would have been more appropriate. I didn't really understand him taking off the pads and jersey? Especially due to the fact that he just had on a black t-shirt. It didn't really make a whole lot of sense. I've seen worse though for sure.

Shows a lack a class, to honour a suspected pedophille. I would think there may be a better person to honour.

I was under the impression that he was fined because he took off his gear and helmet on the playing field. Am I incorrect, or isn't that, in itself, a fineable offense?

From what I understand the coach (unquote) said to him he can do what he likes after the touchdown score. However jm02 you are correct on the fine; the gear and helmet removal. I’m sure the coach addressed him after the fact.

If they fined him for removing his gear, then I'm fine with that. I thought they fined him for the celebration. I thought that was a little much considering they gave him two misconducts in the game.

I see that Bruce has posted an apology on the Argos website. The apology is to his team, the league and all CFL fans. hopefully, it's sincere. it looks like it is.

Good move on his part I will say.

I would put more stock in his apology if this were the first time he had done such a thing. Wasn't he the one who was fined for the Spider-Man mask? Seems to me there was an apology after that stunt too.

The problem is that sports networks like TSN et al encourage such behaviour by showing those antics on their highlight reels. They stopped showing streakers and idiots who run onto the field because putting them on TV was encouraging others to do it. How about shunning those sorts of activities as well?

Good Post Big Dave.

Some players just feed off of the media attention. The fine the CFL levied is no where close to the extra value of endorsements Bruce might get.

I'm with you....TSN shouldn't show (and keep repeating) such foolishness!