Arland Bruce

This I can agree on.

An individual celebration of a touchdown. Completely different than a team celebration of an interception.

And they were penalized for it. Remember?

I think the only reason there was no penalty was that they flubbed it so badly the refs didn't really notice what they were doing. Had they done it right, and had he kicked the ball, there would DEFINITELY have been a penalty.

Both of those -- when he was an Argo, so I don't defend him -- earned objectionable conduct penalties.

So by pointing these out you're pointing out that team celebrations have in the past led to objectionable conduct penalties. Montreal did not get a penalty for their chicken dance, though according to the examples you quoted, they probably deserved one. Bruce got one for his reaction to it. Though as a Ticat fan I don't blame him for what he did, I do acknowledge that he deserved to be penalized for it. I guess he felt it was worth ten yards to send them the message that "you don't do that in our house." When the Als pounced on him and started beating him up, they got two roughing penalties and a disqualification. Maybe they felt it was worth 55 yards to send him a message that you don't interrupt us when we're pretending we're birdies.

I forget who mentioned it, but the talk about "delay of game" because of the cheerleaders going onto the field is ridiculous. Cheerleaders don't run onto the field whenever they want to; there are performances scheduled at specific times during the game, during breaks in the action, when TSN goes to commercial. With the change of possession, this was to be one of those performances. They had no idea when they ran onto the field that the Alouettes were going to be beating up one of our players, and that because of the brawl TSN apparently stayed with the game. They were told to leave the field and did so, LONG before the officials sorted out the penalties.

wah wah wah , bunch of hypocrites....

one thing... remember that boat incident? maybe doug brown should have gone over there and beat the living bejeepers out of the puny little db.

The ticats can definately dish it out in general but are all of a sudden so protective when something happens to them...

get over it, you guys lost to a backup qb at home!

the whole bird thing... i was telling myself its a tribute to the days of the condords... and maybe thats why the bird mascott... but im from alberta, and i never took a single french class in my life. what is an alouette?

Umm, if you recall we all thought that was stupid too.Try again.And FYI, this is a hate on Bruce thread, Bruce had nothing to do with that celebration.

I call BS on that one. You certainly made a few posts about it being funny.

Or here's a link to where you indicate you voted it was awesome in a thread about the celebration:

Those 2 posts by you took 5 seconds to find.

Get the Polysporin, dude just got burnt.

Thank you, Blue Blood, for exposing the hypocrisy of certain Cats fans (not all of them, mind you - don't want to tar everyone with the same brush). You guys love to dish it out but you can't take it, seemingly.

I think you mean since he left Wpg. :wink:

My favorite part of the whole incident wasn't the fight....or the cheerleaders.

It was this:

After being unfairly punished 45 yards for a fight someone else started, the Alouettes were pushed back inside their 5 yard line. They started with a predictable and useless draw play to Cobourne....and with the Cats fans smelling blood...screaming bloody murder...and the game still within reach....I was definitely worried that the field position might turn the game around for Glenn and the Hamilton Tigercats.

McPherson then unloads a 35 yard pass to Watkins....saving a potential disaster after such a well managed football game.
The young quarterback not only beat the Cats....but beat the other opponents on the field: the officiating crew.

More than everything else...THAT impressed me.

That impressed me too. It was a money throw from Adrian and a money catch by Watkins. It takes a lot of gumption to hang in the pocket at your own 5-yard line and deliver a deep ball with accuracy in an enemy stadium after your team's momentum has been sabotaged by poor officiating.

I just called it poetic justice. The catch put them back where they should have been after all the penalties were done in the first place (roughly).

This is one of the most interesting threads I've ever read on this board!

that is very interesting

I just want to make sure that I'm not the one being accused of hypocrisy.

I stated clearly that Bruce deserved to be penalized for what he did, and he was. The Alouettes who beat him up for it deserved to be penalized for what they did, and they were. That the Alouette players' infractions were so much more serious than Bruce's, and therefore warranted greater penalty yards, is not Bruce's fault, nor is it the fault of the officials. It is the fault of the Alouette players who some hypocritical fans believe should not be accountable for their actions, the way others are.

That statement is precisely what we Als fans dispute, which renders the rest of your argument irrelevant. I simply can't agree with the idea that we were so much more guilty in an on-field melee that we deserved a net 45-yard loss in penalties and the ejection of one of our starters, when the man who started the entire thing (Bruce) was not ejected. If you want to believe that our actions were so much worse that we merited the lopsided punishment we received, go right on ahead. But there is no basis in fact for that belief, especially when you review the game footage.

Watch the footage again. Are you saying that it was fair for Dixon to be ejected for an open handed slap to the helmet while Bruce recieved 15 yards for pulling a player to the ground by his hair? They both deserved the same, whether that be 15 yards or ejection from the game is a judgement call but to say one was worse than the other is ludicrious and clearly highlights your biased opinion.

The problem is you can't so easily dismiss these things. Arland Bruce's embarrassing celebrations were on the road (as an argo at Ivor Wynn no less) and nobody stopped him or interfered they let him make an ass of himself and got on with the game after his penalty. The way the als were celebrating was nowhere near anything Arland Bruce has done on the road and is something that defending players have done for some time now. To paint him with the same brush from when he was an argo (pro tip: it was only a year and a half ago) is completley fair because he still pulls the same immature, juvenile nonsense as he did when he was an argo.

If he wants to send a message send it by winning not by pulling a player's hair like a child (this is incidentally good way avoid ever being taunted in the first place as well). I guarantee if Arland Bruce caught that pass and ran it in for a touchdown he would have some assinine dance prepared for it that no one would interrupt him and he would defend his nonsense by saying it's what fans want or that he was just really happy to contribute or some such nonsense

In Toronto he did the stupid celebrations like the MJ thing, the spiderman mask, etc.In Hamilton he just does his star pose which is basically the same as Simon's superman pose.So no it's not fair to paint him with the same brush.In Toronto he was an immature blowhard that did stupid celebrations on a regular basis.In Hamilton he's become a mature veteran leader and the face of the franchise.Two completely different Bruce's.

In Toronto he did all those things you listed and in Hamilton condones and would participate in ridiculous celebrations at home or on the road(the boat incident that you said was awesome and there should be more of) and starts fights with opposing players that do any kind of celebration at his expense particularly one that is way tamer than anything he has ever done including but not limited to pulling their hair. How exactly has he matured?