Arland Bruce

There is a price for channeling your team pride that way instead of towards the next pancake Jordan. The price is a 15-yard penalty, and if a professional a fine, and if grievous enough a disqualification. Is it worth it if your team is behind? If your team is ahead, think it is better to walk off with the victory and say a few words after the game than to jeopardise your position and give into the other sore losers right? I know I know, we all have limits and easier said than done, but think about it eh?

In my opinion the league should institute in between those penalties a suspension, or "sin-bin" penalty, for players to sit out the rest of a half, or for the next half or next game's half if such conduct is overly heated within 5:00 of the end of a half, in lieu of disqualification as an additional disincentive that is more effective that a fine after the game is over. No kid likes to be told to go to the corner and not be able to play right now right?

Now Jordan did you hear Dunigan's description of the smell within the trenches on X and short by the second half? It sounds like a more terrible place to be than I had thought! :lol: Even his colleague wanted to run away right then and there! Dunigan stated those were not fond memories he had. Anyway please elabourate sometime? :slight_smile:

I just can wait for the day that someone clocks Bruce in the end zone after a td catch. It's okay for him to dance and make fun of another team when it benifits him. But when he gets intercepted he gets all mad. Your a professional football player grow up. How many times has teams celebrated after picking off a pass. Get a life with your (nobody is going to celebrate in our home and get away with it).

You want to do the Flying Lark in your own stadium, go ahead, that's your place, your team; but don't do it in somebody elses. That's a team celebration, not an individual touchdown celebration.

Considering that the officials had to calm things between 92 football players, the last thing they should have been concerned about was the cheerleaders. The fight was in full swing when the cheerleaders went onto the field anyway... they hardly delayed the game. Now, if the Als' cheerleaders had come onto the field and had gotten into it the Cats cheerleaders... :wink:

You kidding me? Defensive secondaries do quick group celebrations after INTs all the freaking time. What Parker & co. were doing was the quick "ball hawk" celebration they do whenever anyone registers a pick. Bruce lost control of himself, and instigated a melee which, incredibly, hurt the Als and only the Als. As if Hamilton had nothing to do with what happened, as if Tisdale wasn't getting into it with Dix.

I actually have nothing against Bruce, nor do I even blame him for starting the fight. He was frustrated and let his emotions get the better of him. It happens. I do, however, blame the officials for not penalizing him accordingly (if anyone deserved to get ejected, it should have been the player who started all the trouble) and for making the punishment so incredibly one-sided against my Als (-45 net loss in yards and the ejection of one of our starting cornerbacks) that you had to question their competence and objectivity.

Did Montreal win the game? Yes? OK, move on...

What a bunch of hypocrates!
Bruce and and anyone who defends him alike.

So where was it when the cats D jumped into a boat after returning a pic for a TD? Oh ya it was in WPG. Bruce even defended their actions.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]
Hamilton Tiger-Cats receiver Arland Bruce said the decision by some of his teammates to celebrate a pair of touchdowns against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers last season by jumping into a speedboat located near the end zone at Canad Inns Stadium was great.

"That's the type of stuff you need. That's what the fans pay for to see. They want entertainment like that," Bruce said.

So where were the Cats playing when Stala did his litte hacky sack bit? It was in SSK!

So when Stala tried to kick the extra point back through the uprights, he had a snapper and a holder, so that would be a team celebration, Right?

Remember Bruce's so called tribute to Micheal Jackson? He lay down pretending to be dead while his team mates pretended to bury him....another team celebration
How about when Bruce hide behind 2 players while he pulled out a spiderman mask? Team!

Remember Calgary's bob sled bit? TEAM!

Calgary running a relay race after a TD along the track in Edmonton? Team! And in somone else's stadium

Shall I list more "TEAM CELEBRATIONS"?

What replay shows that?
Bruce charged into the celebration...he didnt walk andI am quite certain he did not say any thing that can be posted here

Would you like to see the replay again?

Again the boat incident was what? A tribute?

Well the Als were sticking up for the 700+ fans who were there!

The celebration has nothing to do with Alouettes or larks as I have seen many teams do it. If I were to guess, it has more to do with "ball hawks"

And yes I was one of the Als fans that was there

With respect, Chief, blatant referee incompetence and bias are not okay just because the victimized team managed to win the game, nor is it your place to tell me when and how I should move on from an incident that involved my team. I'm speaking here not just as an Als fan but as a CFL fan. Officiating like this is poor for the whole league. Of course, we will all move on as the days go by, but frankly, I'm a bit annoyed at being told by a moderator to move on from a topic less than 24 hours after the event in question happened. We're not breaking any rules here, we're not flaming anyone. This isn't your team: don't tell me how long I should stay on a given subject.

Holy. Way to overreact. My point is the Als won, they're 7-3, have at least 2 games on every East team, yet all I've heard from Montreal fans is whining about Bruce and whining about the officials.

I'm disappointed, Chief. I have a lot of respect for you and expected more grace and forbearance, particularly given that you are a moderator here and thus supposed to lead by example. Our won-lost record is irrelevant: we're discussing an issue on the open forum that is egregious regardless of the fact that we won the game.

I am trying to respond to a myriad of Cats fans who are hypocritically claiming that our Lark celebration was some kind of special, unforgivable insult at Ivor Wynne. And that's total nonsense. Ro1313 has already pointed out that Hamilton players have staged a number of elaborate victory celebrations at other teams' stadiums this season alone. But some fans are hoping that if they cry loud enough, no one will notice that their own team partakes in team celebrations just as frequently as anyone else, even in the other team's ballpark. The fact that it was Arland Bruce, the king of over-the-top celebrations, taking issue with our standard 'ballhawk' arm-waving is doubly hilarious.

If you want to encourage more respect between members, you might want to stop accusing others of whining when they (gasp!) dare to discuss a topic longer than the Almighty Chief deems appropriate.

Why do people always play the moderator card? Moderator or not, I’m allowed to express my annoyance just like anyone else, and all I’ve heard this weekend is Montreal fans complain about how they got jobbed and about how the officials are out to get them, etc., and it’s wearing a bit thin. Is Bruce an idiot, sure. Were the penalties a bit lopsided, probably. But you know what? Good teams find ways to overcome that stuff, and Montreal did overcome those penalties, and they won the game. If you want to be disappointed in me, that’s a shame, I’ll lose sleep tonight knowing that…

This whole thing is stupid. The als can celebrate how ever they want. Bruce can also break up the celebration if he wants (more like walking through a group of als pretending to flap their wings). That doesn’t mean it’s reason to start a brawl. The als got what they deserved.

Is it ironic that Arland Bruce would be the one moaning about a silly celebration? Sure. But he was obviously frustrated.

You can most certainly express your opinions. But a little tact and a little respect go a long way. :wink:

For every Montreal fan you've heard complain about the officials, I've heard a Ti-Cat fan complain about how gosh-darn terrible our INT celebration was. If you want to engage the discussion, discuss the issue. Coming in and telling one person or a group of people to 'move on' just because you, and only you, feel that's time to move on, is bound to provoke ire from other members. Can't understand how you don't see that, and how your status as moderator conspires to increase the dismissive tone of your reply.

And LOL, 'this weekend'? You make it sound like it's been happening for days when in fact it has been just over 24 hours since the MTL-HAM game.

In any case, I have said multiple times that I have a heckuva lot of respect for you, Chief. This isn't personal at all.

Nothing is going to be resolved here. There's a difference between discussing and arguing, and the fact is, we're all biased one way or another. Hamilton fans think Montreal's celebration was disrespectful and degrading, Montreal fans think Bruce jumping into the celebration was a complete overreaction. And you know what, I'm no exception either. I'm biased, too, and I -personally- believe that Bruce took things out of hand. Celebrations happen all the time, what was so disgraceful about this one is beyond me. But that's not what I'm posting to talk about. Whether you're a Montreal OR a Hamilton fan, the matter of the fact is, BOTH sides were responsible for the fight. This isn't about defending your pride, or judging who's innocent. Montreal and Hamilton both caused the brawl. Denying this is just extending your bias to defend your own team. Sometimes, it's clear that one side is responsible for things, but this isn't one such case. BOTH teams could have done things differently to avoid a completely unnecessary brawl.

So please, let's not argue over who to point the finger at, let's discuss the how and why. You're allowed your own perspective on the situation. I already stated mine. But let's not turn this into a repeat of what happened on the field. ;p

Yeah, both sides caused the brawl, but only one side got penalized for it. THAT is my point.

Okay, time to step in. All you Montreal fans, knock it off. 'Cats fans, business as usual...

Carry on...

Admittedly, this is something that's worth discussing. When I first saw the brawl, I was pretty shocked that Hamilton only got one of those four penalties. The Dix ejection, I can understand. But I think the penalties should have been two to Hamilton, and two to Montreal (the Dix one included). I'm not even sure why Chip Cox got penalized, might've been something I simply didn't see. Although, a lot of what looked like fighting was no doubt just the guys trying to seperate each other. Unfortunately, I can't really rewatch the brawl itself, so I couldn't say what was or wasn't definitely fighting.

The last time he celebrated was when he was an Argo.I don't think the Obama mask in the dugout thing really counts, he just did it for chuckles more than anything.Other than that he just does his star thing.So what?Geroy does his superman thing to death why can't Bruce do the star thing?He's become so much more mature since leaving Toronto and yet people are still painting him with the same brush.

“They got an interception by default. I mean, the ball was hanging in the air,? Bruce explained. “I’m not going to let any DB - I don’t care if it’s Deion Sanders - you’re not going to showboat on me, right in front of me. I just wasn’t having it. I felt like they were disrespecting us on our field, so I had to break that up.?

Wah, wah, wah. You can dish it out, Arland, but you sure can't take it. :lol:

Talk about sour grapes. Parker had to make a pretty damn athletic play to come down with the ball, but according to Little Boy Bruce, it was an interception 'by default'. Sure, Arland. And you have certainly never disrespected another team in their ballpark. Not at all. LMAO

Possibly you were feeling bad because outside of one big catch in the first half, you did jack squat the entire game, just like the last time Hamilton played Montreal.

The whole thing was a mess. The celebration was childish and unsportsmanlike, however, it seems to be the norm in "pro" sports today. Nothing wrong with celebrating a big play, but racing across the field to perform a choreographed routine is not a celebration it is a perfromance piece. If players want to do that join the ballet and get off the field, I came to watch a football game not "Do You Think You Can Dance".

Arland Bruce stepped in because it was excessive even by football standards. His way of stepping in was also excessive and he did himself no favours by grabbing a players hair like a pre teen girl in a cat fight (no pun intended).

The officials made it a hat trick by completely blowing the call. No penalty for the excessive celebration, no ejection for the individual who traded face slaps with Dixon and hair pulling and instigating an on field riot only gets you 15 yards in the CFL.

The only people who didn't disgrace themselves were the cheerleaders, who in the end, inadvertently brought some levity to the whole mess.

Hopefully the league does the right thing and imposes fines on ALL parties responsible.