Arland Bruce

Isn't he the king of glorified celebrations?

When Montreal celebrates a pick however, he is the first to take offense and take a swing at the opposition. Seems like the guy can dish it out but he can't take it.

he's one big ego!

He didn't take a swing.He walked up and basically said that's enough, got shoulder charged to the ground by an Alouette and things just got out of hand from there.Watch the replay.

I think the truth is somewhere in between.

Oh, I take what he says with a grain of salt for sure.But still, accusing him of swinging when he didn't is a little unfair.The replay shows Bruce walking up to them, saying something then an Alouette shoulder charges him to the ground from the left and they all pile on and both rosters charge the field.

he doesnt take an actual fighters swing, but he does swat at them with his hands. Sort of like he would do if he was trying to knock the football out of someones hands.

He's a competitor and he was frustrated, he's been taking beatings from montreal his whole career. The officials are the ones that need to be disciplined. They completely lost control of penalties in that brawls, so much so that they didn't penalize the Cats for the Cheerleaders hitting the field which is an automatic delay of game penalty. But anywyay no matter how hard the league tries to improve officiating nothing works.

You're right he didn't swing at anybody. He just grabbed one of the Alouettes by the hair and pulled him to the ground. Bruce never had much class as an Argo and his attitude hasn't improved since moving down the QEW.

Bruce never had much class as an Argo and his attitude hasn't improved since moving down the QEW.
Actually, surprisingly... it has. I've never liked Bruce and I've never liked hot-dogging... whether it's by any opponent of the 'Cats OR the 'Cats themselves. I thought the boat thing in Winnipeg was bush. I took some heat from some posters on the Ticat boards for my opinion on that scene [u]and [/u]for my not wanting Bruce last year due to his attitude. Believe me, I wasn't the only one who was skeptical. However, while I STILL don't like the man's attitude it HAS gotten better and he HAS dropped the miserable show-boating. He's even started becoming a positive presence as a vet in the locker room (reports... I'm not there) as opposed to standing off by himself as 'the star'. I'm cutting the man a bit of slack because he has appeared to mature over the last year. Still doesn't mean that I like him a lot. I'm not the type to defend a guy just because he's on my team.

I was at the game and the angle I had on the incident was horrible- besides the fact it happened 75 yards away from me. The screen didn’t show it either so I can’t comment upon what he did or didn’t do today. It’s just that he DOES appear to be maturing. That’s nice to see in anyone.


He grabbed Brown by his dreadlocks and pulled him down. Thats Ok in the CFL because he only got 15 yards for it.

Actually he got 7.5 yards for taking a swat at Parker and then 7.5 yards for pulling Brown by the hair.

Clearly one of the officials finest moments of the season. Will be interesting to see Higgins come to the rescue this week.

That's another problem with Higgins, he won't come to the rescue he will ignore it. Let's see how close I can come, "The situation escalated very quickly in a small area away from the officials after the play. By the time it got peoples attention the main instigators were at the bottom of a pile of players and impossible for anyone to identify."

Your turn Tom.

Good for Bruce not letting the Als show a mockery in our house. :thup:

he only made a mockery of your entire team on national television.... :roll:

It's about time the cfl initiated an "instigator" policy like in the NHL

The instigator is almost never penalized...not only does this make the refs look ridiculous, but it encourages the kind of behaviour Bruce de Turd engaged in yesterday.
He's certainly not alone, and I'm noticing an increasing amount of cheap shots...hands in the face and out and out tauting from players who realize that you only get penalized if you REACT.

How the Alouettes get 45 yards in penalties and Dix gets ejected is a complete mystery, and miscarriage of justice.
They HAVE to start getting the guy who instigates these things, or THINGS are going to continue to escalate.

Ya huh.Like nobody else in the CFL has ever started a fight this year.You try getting kicked up and down the field and then having a guy celebrate after picking of a pass intended for you, it's alot different to say "why did he do that?" watching on tv.You can't hear what they're saying all game, you can't feel the emotions.We were getting absolutely pounded and he felt they were going to far with their celebrating so he broke it up.I'm glad that he stuck up for the fans.Does that mean I agree with the penalty yards assessed?No.But to kick Bruce over and over while he's down is just pathetic.We all know you hate the guy, i've been there.

Don't think so Nick, Als are goofs doing that right in our face right there, I would have done the same as Bruce to stick up for the fans as 15 says when we were getting killed.

There is nothing against the rules from what I can tell on celebrations with the following exceptions:

  1. Pre-meditated actions
  2. Taunting

Both calls related to unsportsmanlike conduct are subject to the discretion of the officials, but I am not sure if in the CFL like in the NFL if the league reserves the right later to fine players or teams irrespective of the calls or no-calls on the field.

Along with the time the Rider defender returning Ray's pass for TD and showing him the ball on the way in as one example I can recall, Bruce engaged in taunting by stepping in on the celebration at the very least even before any physical contact.

However honourable his defence of the pride in the house by Bruce, it still was clear taunting Ti-Cats fans. Bruce intentionally put himself in a situation where an easy escalation of emotions could take place, and that is enough right there to be taunting. Now if Bruce stood to the side and said something instead of inserting himself in the middle of the celebration, that would not be taunting if it were short of an obscene gesture as well. Bruce knew damn well what he was doing.

When physical contact takes place, it is largely a result of lax enforcement of existing rules and was allowed to escalate to such by the officiating spirit of any given group of referees.

Like on this forum by the moderators, the prudent aim of such officiating ought to be for collective civility above individual rights to criticise anyone PERSONALLY, as opposed to their differing point of view, even though it's been great fun at times to do both though definitely the spirit of our heated debates has improved since the lowly offseason. :lol:

By contrast I have not seen the officials enforce the existing rules against taunting effectively all season so here we are and is it any wonder?

With Bruce's taunting action in stepping in on an average celebration out of frustration to taunt the players for having made a fine play, see what happened?

Either the league takes some decisive action to shore up the officiating with regard to enforcing action for sake of taunting penalties well within existing rules, or perhaps these sorts of episodes will continue we can look forward to a cat-fight (no pun intended) between teams of cheerleaders. :lol:

Though most of us will enjoy the latter no doubt, a mockery is being made of the professionalism of the league. Think beyond your town or province about those watching from outside of Canada as well much as Goodell has begun to think also with regard to the international image of the NFL mind you.

The last thing we want is for the CFL to be labeled as a thug league as was much of the NFL under Tagliabue and early on under Goodell until starting with Pacman Jones he cleaned a whole lot up for the far better though with much work to do with the likes of J. Russells, Roethisbergers, V. Jackson's, and so forth.

If somebody is going to come into my house and celebrate like that, i'm going to pull his dreadlocks and let him know what i think. For those of you that were at the game, did that fire up the crowd? I would say so. The als were backed up to their own 5 yard line and the crowd was going nuts. The next play, Cobourne gets stuffed at the line and it's second and 10 from the 5. Obviously on the next play the als were able to execute. But who knows, if the als don't convert that second down, they give up the safety and kick the ball back to the ticats and momentum takes a big swing. Could have changed the outcome of the game IMO.