Arland Bruce -Warrior of the game!

Man those two big hits KUDOS to Bruce for hanging on and making those tough catches 6/74 not bad :thup: stay healthy we need you!!

Bruce is Great Play and Best Pickup this year :thup:

You had to be impressed with A.B.3rd !
He took some tough hits,what a great example to the other players!

He was the only guy getting open last nite.

Even in double and triple coverage he was catching everything.

^^^absolutely ^^^ + great display of the fact that AB3 is tough as nails....I am,was and still am - impressed....

Yea he made an incredible catch early going up high with Stamps all around him. And then, like always, we stop going to our go-to guy. :expressionless:


I love this guy. Not only is he a great player but he's a great leader. He epitomizes what a football player should be. :cowboy: