Arland Bruce wallpapers

I've made these Arland Bruce wallpapers and anyone is free to use them. (Though, I think the TiCats graphic person did an excellent job on theirs) Also, please let me know what your opinions are:

Version one:

Version two:

I made one as Well ... lpaper.jpg

That looks pretty good.

What program did you use?

Photoshop I also took the Photos..

Those are pretty nice. I use/used Photoshop CS2

Can't find a good Ti-cat Kevin Glenn photo :o

I took one at last game ..
I need to Edit

I'm also willing to take requests for wallpapers

I am a professional graphic and web designer. I would be more than happy to make people some wallpapers if you can supply me with a photo of your desired TICAT player.

If you you would like to check out my personal portfolio, its


That;s amazing in more ways than one