Arland Bruce traded to the Ticats

i have this feeling corey mace is gonna end up being the d-line version of tony mandarich, if the kid is so good, how come NFL teams aren’t drooling over him, and he is still unsigned, the guy is obviously not in football shape as he continues to holdout, adam rita needs to quit.

....for those who thought the argos were getting something for Bruce....i'd say Bruce went to the Cats for zippo....Corey Mace the main cog and player in the deal has just signed on with the Buffalo Bills according to tsn......sorta leaves Rita and the argos with egg on their shoulda took the deal with the stamps, egg least ya wouldn't have to deal with Bruce in your own division....what a bunch of winners....and these guys are saying Kelly doesn't know what his doing :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Kelly STILL doesn't know what he's doing! regardless of the blew team situation, I do like this trade much more now

The trade does favour Hamilton a little more with Mace signing with the Bills, but I’ve just never been a fan of trading away draft picks.

Hamilton's been loaded with draft picks these past few years. First overall, even. We probably have one of the youngest teams in the league; we don't really need any more kids coming in as prospects. We need one or two guys who can help us win now.

Is Arland Bruce that guy? I don't like him, so I'm saying I don't think so. But I have no problem with trading draft picks for veteran players, as long as those veterans have a few good years left in them.