Arland Bruce traded to the Ticats

Well it's the rights to N/I DE Corey Mace who wasn't coming to Hamilton anyways, a 3rd rounder in 2010 and a conditional in 2011 (whatever round that may be)

Guess we better start organizing the parade in Hamilton.

The Santa Clause parade that is.

Don't worry, it'll be making it's way through Edmonton to :wink:

Lol, funny coming from a team that's also 2-2 but struggling with consistency.

I'm not the one trying to make out that Bruce is the second coming of Darren Flutie. He's talented but a loose cannon and a distraction. Some Hamilton fans seem to be of the opinion the Arland Bruce makes them an instant Champion and last time I looked this was a thread talking about the merits of Arland Bruce and has nothing to do with Edmonton.

If you think that the Ti-Cats have just bought themselves a Grey Cup, fine. I'm just pointing out that it is a long time till November, and it is highly likely your hot dog will be cold by then.

The Ticats certainly did not overpay for Bruce but I still don't think that was the right move. The team chemistry seems to be pretty good right now so bringing in a me first player is a bit of a puzzle.

Is there something in the water in Edmonton affecting your eye sight?? Nobody said ANYTHING about the Cats winning the Cup, all I read was that he makes them a better team, as much as I hate AB3 I have to agree, he DOES make us a better team.

This is a quote from another thread, "

, sounds like someone thinks Bruce will instantly transform the Cats into a "Top Team"

All I am saying is that you shouldn't go gaga over a guy who: is a known disruption in the locker room, not a team guy, puts your SMS totally over the top so you will have to cut elsewhere and, has not stepped onto the Yvor Wynn field in a Cat uni yet. Whether or not he makes you a better team remains to be seen.

By the way the water in Edmonton is fine from what I hear, maybe I'll move there some day.

"Top team" does look like Grey Cup to me - still waiting to see where we said we were winning the Cup

I'm glad you are so in tune to the Cat's payroll and know what their cap situation is, since you are so sure he puts them OVER the cap

Ivor... not Yvor

ABSOLUTELY Bruce makes the Cats a better team.

Although reports indicated that the Argo’s have signed Mace the report is that the Rita hasn’t even spoken to him yet.

We so got screwed in this deal.....

I think Obie still thinks he's an Argo....

I like the deal on both sides. Bruce gives Hamilton another weapon on offence and improves them short-term. From what I heard, it wasn't like Mace was going to sign with the Cats anyways.

Props to Rita for turning Bruce into a couple of picks and Mace. No way would I have thought he'd get that much. Imagine Mace and Legare on the same line in a few years if they live up to their billing.

Ok to quote you "Top team" does look like Grey Cup to you.

If any team signs a $180k guy at this stage they will have to make room for him, not rocket surgery,

I don't think IVOR has a problem with it.

Time alone will tell whether Bruce makes the Cats a better team, he obviously didn't make Toronto a better team.

typo.. all fixed now

rocket surgery??

Ok just had some fun with you on that one, knew what you meant but couldn't resist.

Those of us old enough to remember Don Cherry know what Rocket Surgery means. :twisted: :cowboy: :lol:

I guess the city of Toronto is looking for any way they can to dispose of a huge pile of smelly garbage. Of course, that has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. :wink:

I've certainly made my feelings known about this issue, and I have not changed my tune. I doubt I'll boo him, but I stand by my statement that I won't cheer for him.

This changes the identity of the Hamilton Tiger-cats. Where they had been saying that they were a team with no big stars, just good players who play together as a team, now they've brought in a diva who will no doubt infect the locker room.

Does he improve the overall talent of the Hamilton receiving corps? Probably.
Does he make Hamilton a better team? He might, if he ever learns what a "team" is.

But as far as what we gave up for him, we got him DIRT CHEAP! Toronto's top receiver for a third-round draft pick and a guy who may never wear a CFL uniform? Can't complain about that.

My biggest worry is that, when he's activated, the Cats will have to remove someone from their game-day roster. Who will that be? An import receiver? Prechae Rodriguez? I'll sue! Chris Davis? He's having a breakout season. Marquay McDaniel? Our best punt returner since Earl Winfield?

Argo fans who are excited about getting Corey Mace have every reason to be. Just look at all the great plays he made for the Tiger-cats. Oh, that's right, he's not a Tiger-cat, never was. The Argos just get his CFL rights. Problem is, Mace is determined to catch on in the NFL, and there is only a slim chance he will ever play for Toronto. Sorry, guys.

Hehe..."It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to know who's who...." I always loved that line. Unfortunately, I can't recall what ad that was for, though.

Bad move by the Tiger-cats when they could've signed Derrick Armstrong and gave up nothing.

Whether he was a good teammate or not, the fact the matter is that Bruce has consistently been a top receiver in this league, and most importantly to fans in Hamilton; has been a Ticat killer the last few seasons. So this move kills 2 birds with one stone. However, as somebody else mentioned, the Ticats seemed to have discovered 2-3 up and coming receivers that seem to be improving every week. It will be interesting to see how they will use this suddenly very deep receiving corps.

How do you figure? We gave up a guy we weren't going to sign and a couple lousy picks for the best player off the argo's roster that still has this year, next year and an option on his contract. Derrick Armstrong tried to sign with the Argo's but was given the boot when he failed the physical.