Arland Bruce traded to the Ticats

Bruce tells his pal at ourbombers that he's been traded to the Ticats, but the traded party is not yet known.


Saw a trade coming for a while. Looks like the TiCats are just going to get stronger.
Would he be ready to play against us this weekend?

I highly doubt he'll play, although it would be nice. He'll probably play the next week against Edmonton.

Sounds like it is Mace and ????, if that's the case, I think you got fleeced.

Lol a guy that wants 90k just to start without seeing what he can do and probably a draft pick for one of the best import receivers from a big divison rival? Deal Howie!

Good luck with that $190K salary next year, but I guess giving up your future for 14 games this year is just fine. :wink:

Pigseye, had he became a Bomber no one would be able to stop you and Papa from going on about how the Bombers are now cup bound.

I'm just saying that I'm really surprised at the price Obie had to pay. I guess Calgary and Winnipeg must have made serious offers for the guy too. Giving up two (if that's the case) young players for a guy you probably can't resign next year, seems a little steep.

If Bruce's attitude doesn't hurt the Ti-Cats, then I don't see a problem with it.. at least not if it's Mace and a pick. Aside from maybe that if they didn't show that kind of interest they might have been able to get him for free anyway. I doubt they were ever going to sign Mace at his asking price. But it's always a risk to pick up a guy with that kind of attitude.

yep exactly what i was thinking, someone's just a little jealous that's all :wink:

Pigseye, your quick to bust Obie for picking up Bruce, yet you don't like people questioning the Bishop signing? hmm.

Face it, he's a premier receiver in this league. There is no doubt if he keeps it together both on the field and in the dressing room; he makes Hamilton a better club. The question is...can he. The Cats have not been in better shape in half a decade at least and this move will only help their offence.

Apparently is not expecting to play this week.

3rd round pick in 2010 according to Fan 590.

Big gamble in my opinion. Hamilton seemed to be in a good place this year - it could be the Casey Printers deal all over again. The new hotshot comes into the locker room, things he owns the place and then can't perform. I sure hope it works out and Bruce turns over a new leaf but like others have mentioned he better be pretty darn good for $190K per year.

Good on Hamilton for hanging tough and acquiring a 1000-yard receiver for a song. Third-round pick, whatever, and they weren't doing anything with Mace anyway.

On paper, you have to like Hamilton for second place in the east this season.

Good riddence.

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

You won't be saying that come Labour day LOL!
You guys better find some players fast or your done.

TSN is saying the Cats gave up two draft picks and Mace. Bit much for Bruce in my opinion.