Arland Bruce to change #s?

So Long #4 Don't worry Tiger-Cats fans, Arland Bruce isn't going anywhere. However, his jersey number is changing. I have it on good authority that Mr. Bruce will be ditching his #4 jersey (which I purchased last season on a whim) for a new number in 2010. That number is..... drum roll please......


Un. Eins. Uno. Arland Bruce will be sporting a #1 Black and Gold jersey in 2010. This information has not yet been released to the public, but I have the scoop thanks to sources within the Tiger-Cats organization.

Guess I have to go get a new black home jersey now. I wonder who I should get?

Found this on the net today. He would be the new Winfield! Sorry to all those who bought or got #4 jerseys (like my father)

I knew that back in August!

i got my flex pack renewal papers in the mail last week. The image featured on the main paper is of Arland Bruce, sporting a clearly photo shopped number one jersey.

I don't know if that's a good idea. That number hasn't been very successful for the last few guys to wear it.

That number belongs to one guy.... only.

Yes #1 Should have Been Retired After Earl was Done with it..

Praise Be His Name!

Chris Davis? :?


Brucie should have number three for Arland Bruce the third. :roll:

#1 The Mighty Casey (Holy be his name) :wink:

I think it's from all the people complaining about buying Printers jersy's. Tell me they didn't get ripped off. Your Printers Jersy is new again. Rip off the old and stich i the new

Gotta love them mods deleting posts Willie nilly! and not telling you eh! heh! I don't care what number he has! as long as he dose well :slight_smile:

:thup: :thup:

nope :slight_smile:

This should apply to all Players on the Hall of Fame.

Problem is you run out of Numbers .

Ourlad changes his number like changing his shirt. But number one is a good number for him, it suits his personality. :thup: :lol:

No that would be zero. :lol:

You would lol

yeah, heard about this last week too..i'm getting stala's jersey for sure, hometown boy #88

My signed Arland Bruce #4 Jersey and team helmet just went up in price! :rockin:
I think i posted this back in August/09 as he told me then at a practice when he signed my #4, that ill have to buy a new one as he was going to be #1 in 2010.
Ill be sure and get a #1 jersey this year!