Arland Bruce Thread


Even though I think he's a problem right now I still think with his talent I would bring him here. I wouldn't trade anyone for him however, I'd just wait to see if he was released.

The guy is a jerk. Period.

It would only be a matter of time before he got comfortable and becomes a jerk. This guy can tear a team apart.

If we had to trade for him I say NO, but if he is cut, I say Obie tells him how things are run here and the first time he messes up he is out the door..

The huge deciding factor would be how our players look at Bruce after his stupid TD celebration..

Oh and one thing is for sure... our local pharmacies will see a spike in Preparation H sales! :lol: :thup: :rockin:

lol! :smiley:
Even if we do trade for him though, I doubt Obie will give up alot and I doubt Andrus will want alot seeing as if his antics keep up, he won't be here long anyways.

I think Mr. Bruce should be told that kind of behaviour wouldn't be tolerated here, I think he's a good receiver, why not add to our already good receiving corps? and if he continues that kinda crap, show him the door. But no trading for him.

Like, I've been in a situation like him before, I wouldn't be surprised if right after he did that stupid "celebration" in the end zone that he regretted it, the second after he was i say give him a chance.



Bruce is the same reciever as Chris Davis, but Davis isn't a pure distraction.

And Bruce has alot of experience and has made ALOT of outstanding catches that shouldn't have been catches. I say take him and make our WR core that much more dangerous.

I vote no But I have Mixed Feeling about this ..

His a Great WR but he is not Team Player.
I also Worry a Trade would cost us a Good Young WR Like Davis Rodriguez or Currie

I think I'd Wait till He Released and then have in for a Interview
if he understands he is on a short Leash then sign him

Arland Bruce was a fantastic player with the Argos over 6 years/whatever, he is their best receiver today! Argos management have been running the ship like a bunch of morons ,starting with bringing in a guy that was suspended from the NFL over drug use, to the firing of Rich Stubler and what they did to Bishop. I could go on....The feasco with Prefontain and bringing in a kicker from the past who is now gone again btw. The throwing their hat in the ring for Printers before he came to Hamilton, the consideration of trying to talk to Michael Vicks agent??? AND the biggest blunder of hiring a HC without any CFL experience, to hiring assistants without CFL experience against Adam Ritas advice? It`s a circus over there under Mike Clemons who is really responsible for each one of these calls in some way or another.

Now all of a sudden we are hearing....Oh nobody ever like arlen, he plays his music to loud and he eats with his mouth open and is known for farting in the dressing room, give me a freakin break. Ticats would be smart to pich him up!


Arland Bruce!!! Are you kidding me...We don`t need that self centered flamin pshyco on our team!!!

McDaniel, Currie, James, Rodriguez, and Davis are all very good import receivers who have been with the team from day 1 this year. Why disrupt that by trading for a guy who may challenge the authority of the coach from time to time?

That said, the only players I would consider trading for Bruce if I was Obie would be KK and Gagne-Marcoux. KK's salary is probably roughly equivalent to Bruce's, so that would be a wash, dollar-wise. Gagne-Marcoux has had injury trouble, and he has been demoted to backup this year.

Argos Need a qb, why not trade our 3rd stringer for Bruce or simply just future considerations.

I think we've done well to rid ourselves of self-proclaimed stars.
This is a hard working need to bring in any cancers to the dressing room. Just my opinion.

Surely you can't be refering to Ricky Williams.
I mean, c'mon...I hate the Argos as much as anyone, but I have no problem with this move. He was ridiculously suspended for testing positive for pot. Give the guy a break.

Call it a cultural difference, but I'd have no problem if our boys passed the odd doob around to relax after a win. Plus, you'd be hard pressed to find many people on this side of the 49th that haven't indulged more than a few times.

We aren't talking about performance enhancers here...the guy isn't a cheater.

I respect the fact that the CFL now honours NFL suspensions, but IMHO, but a positive test for pot should probably just be given the blind-eye treatment.

What is fair trading vale for Arland Bruce, especially if he is to go to the Cats?

I wouldn't take him here if he paid us to let him play, much less trade a guy like Tafralis for him. NO NO NO and did I mention NO? That guy is a liability. He's much more expensive than his contract. Fines, embarassment and if O'Billovich is consistent he will not touch this clown with a 10 foot pole.

I will trade you a Michael Jackson CD, A Spiderman Outfit, and a Bag of Popcorn.

If we're interested in acquiring this idiot, I'll be completely baffled by Obie.

Bruce is a baby, and an unprofessional player. We don't need somebody calling out our growing QB.