Arland Bruce the third

I believe there is only one person on these forums who has said Bruce is overrated (Touchdown69) and I don't think he's a Hamilton fan. Other then that, show me a ticat fan who thinks this.

I am personally not against showboating, as long as it's not directed toward the other team and is done in some taste. Bruce's was not directed toward the team, and was in OK taste. So, really I wasn't against it.

However, it just wasn't that funny. Mostly because it took so long to do. I mean seriously. I was at the game and had no clue what was going on in that corner for so long. Didn't even find out til after the game what it was all about.

His probable dialogue during the whole thing...

"Hey I scored!!... Wait just a sec... Wait, wait, keep the cameras on me... ok, wait the mask is stuck on my jock strap... my spidey sense is now tingling... keep 'em rolling... Imagine what Canada will think of me after this... Canada's Chad Johnson...oh, shoot, it's still stuck... Aaargh, this thing is impossible... Hmmmm, Arland Ocho Cinco has a nice ring to it... Hey, another fight in the stands... I hope the cameras still on me... Hey, look T.C.'s dancing!!...Wait keep the cameras rolling still, this is gonna be great!... Aha!! I finally got the mask... Ok, here we go... wow it's tight... ah, there we go... TADA!! Look at this Canada!!... Wait the next series has already started?"

Spiderman, spiderman, friendly neighborhood

Catsfan...your dialogue on what Bruce was thinking maybe the funniest thing I have read on this forum!!! Good one!!! :slight_smile:

I don't know if he needed to be fined, but it wasn't really enternaining. I felt more embarrassed for him than anything. Rod Black's chuckle was mostly to cover up the awkward silence in the stadium.

As far as TD celebrations go, it was extremely lame. I would have been more impressed if he caught the TD pass while wearing the mask.