Arland Bruce the third

Arland Bruce the third Thank you for making the CFL look like the world wrestling federation by putting on a spiderman mask after scoring a TD. What a great team player you are for acting like a clown. What a classy individual you are for respecting your opponents...

You might be Arland Bruce the 3rd; you might be Toronto's number 1 receiver; but: you are clearly, and without a doubt, a number two...

PS, can the mods STOP changing turd for third. THat is censorship!

Oh lighten up!

He put on a spiderman mask to get a few laughs. Why does that deserve a fine? Who are we, the NFL?

To get a few laughs? Who exactly laughed at this? Except maybe the Green Goblin...

Rod Black had a chuckle... and Rod Black's laughter is the greatest gift in the world! :slight_smile:

You still need to lighten up.

Maybe if it was quick and didnt take as long as a woman to get ready, i would have no problem with (edited), but when it took a minute and a half it got old.

Why was it funny????? Why was it entertaining???? What is so spiderman about him????? How does it even make sense????

To this minute I still don't understand why he did it other than to get personal attention.

honestly? Shut up!

I think it’s fine… so what if he does that.

lord, you have nothing else better to complain about?

arland doesn't even play like spiderman, the guy is overrated, he aint a legit playmaker, doesn't come through in big games, and doesn't even command double teams by defences, the guy is a flop.

It took me a few days to finally digest why Arland Bruce did what he did, and I've finally figured it out.

Clearly he was simply trying to outdo Kerwin Bell for worst Argo touchdown celebration of all time. Unfortunately he fell a little short... :frowning:

Arland Bruce III isnt a turd.


I know I laughed when I saw it. Why are people so uptight about this stuff, as long as it doesn't get too distracting. It's not like he mooned anyone. Sheesh, people aren't happy unless they have something to belly-ache about. Big friggin deal.......

...that Kerwin Bell clip: yuckyuckyuckyuck....priceless!...

Bell… hilarious!

Honestly though, Bruce deserves his fine. It was classless and pointless. Have some pride in your team instead of stroking your ego. Its disgusting to watch.

Thats annoying, neither one of those videos are still available.... grrrr.....

I thought it was funny. The CFL probably did to (off the record) but had to give him a fine ($5)? lol for public consumption.
Anything the CFL can do to get in the newspaper is a good thing. Especially in Toronto.

It wasn't funny.

It was stupid.

It was against the rules.

It was objectionable conduct.

It was bad enough that the league felt that the 10-yard penalty wasn't sufficient.

Anytime someone does something to bring attention to themselves, or to try and make a highlight reel, and it costs their team yardage or points, it shows where their priorities lie. You've just scored a touchdown; all eyes and cameras are already on you. Pretend for a moment that you've been in the end zone before.

I never heard any amount, but the league could have just assessed the yardage against the Argos and then let it go, which is what I think everyone assumed they would do. They wouldn't make a statement against this sort of behaviour by fining him, and then make it a token amount like $5 or a loonie. I recall similar incidents in the past resulting in fines in the $1500 range, so I suspect it's something along those lines.

Maybe all you Arland Bruce groupies can take up a collection to pay it for him.

I hope nobody here that disagrees with the spidy moves claims that the NFL is the " no fun league". Whats the harm. This is what I am fan for. Whatever is not NFL-like. The celebration, the no-fair catch the rogue ..... etc

That "flop" sure had a big game on Labour Day..the biggest game of the year for both teams....he has been constantly double teamed all season. The return of Bethel Johnson should solve that problem.

I (like most Argo fans) thought it was funny and Cat fans did not, which is no surprise. I suspect to see a few "Spidy" masks at the next Argo game. I'm sure it could catch on and Bruce loves throwing the ball into the crowd, aiming for a "Spidy" for sure.

The Cats would LOVE a reciever like Arland Bruce, but he wears blue so he's a "Flop, overated, etc".