Arland Bruce Sues Everyone!,,, LOL

I used to love this guy, but man is he ever a clown now. Maybe the concussions caused him to tell Micheal Sam to " go to god"

So, when he was unconscious in the game did he lie down as if in a coffin mimicking the recently deceased Michael Jackson?

The guy is a nut job. :roll:

Typical of these law suits, sue everyone in hopes you will get someone.

In the claim ..., it is alleged that Bruce suffered a concussion and was knocked unconscious in a game played in Regina, Saskatchewan on September 29, 2012 between the BC Lions — Bruce’s team at the time — and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Bruce subsequently returned to play for the Lions in a playoff game on November 18, 2012 and it is alleged that he was still suffering from his previous concussion and it is also alleged he suffered additional concussive and sub-concussive hits during the Nov. 18 game.

From a copy of the claim, not proven in a court of law, it alleges in part:

  1. The plaintiff reported concussion signs and symptoms to the BC Lions medical personnel and coaching staff....

So, even though he still had concussion symptoms, the Lions' medical staff cleared him to play. Had he told them at that time that he wouldn't play because of those symptoms, the Lions would have suspended him without pay. That was the point at which he should have filed his lawsuit, against the team and against the team medical staff. Instead, he chose to play, putting himself at risk. It's not like the risks of multiple concussions were not known at the time - late 2012.
“Further, despite the fact that the plaintiff was displaying the ongoing effects of concussion to medical professionals and coaching staff, he was permitted to return to play in the 2013 season for Montreal.?

The tweet was dumb.


I want to see the best available athletes, not the most politically correct ones. :roll:

I wonder if Bruce told the Als about his ongoing symptoms during his contract negotiations with them. If not, could the Als countersue him for not disclosing an existing injury?

Any player who filed that kind of a complaint or suit while still trying to play in the league would have their career end instantly.

If the allegations are true, he may have a case. It will depend on if the team pressured him to play, or if he tried to get in the lineup despite the team recommending he wait. Most provinces have workplace safety laws that take a dim view of pressuring injured employees to return to work.

This is probably the most important part of the lawsuit - that he believed what the league, the players' association, and the leading concussion research group in Canada were all saying.

1.The plaintiff relied upon the statements made by the Defendants and returned to play football for the CFL believing that there was “more questions than answers? between concussion and sub-concussion brain trauma and neurodegenerative disease. 2.The plaintiff relied upon the statements made by the Defendants and returned to football after the Incident believing that the CFL, Commissioner Cohon, CFLAA, Leo Ezerins [CFLPA Communications Director], Dr. Tator [University of Toronto, Krembil Neuroscience Centre, and the Canadian Sports Concussion Project] and KNC were at the forefront of concussion prevention and awareness.
Apparently, these people/groups, and Ezerins and Tator in particular, "believed there were 'more questions than answers' between concussion and brain trauma and that 'extreme caution' be used in any subsequent diagnosis of CTE." Does "'extreme caution' in subsequent diagnosis" mean err on the side of caution, in which case Bruce wouldn't have been cleared to play? Or does it mean avoiding overdiagnosis, resulting in some players back on the field too soon? Did the Lions' medical staff follow the recommendations coming out of the Canadian Sports Concussion Project? Did Bruce contact Dr. Tator, or even read any of his findings?

This is all just so bizarre. Guess we'll just have to wait for the results. And if he wins or gets a settlement, watch the floodgates open up.