...Arland Bruce shelved by Cats

...Cats have put Bruce on the ir....He didn't look that injured to me and i think something is cooking in Tiger town with regard to Bruces future....I could be wrong but he certainly doesn't look like a happy camper in the hammer....Could we./..should we consider making a trade for Arland and let him finish his career where he started orrrrrrr would he be bringing in too much baggage.....He's a hard guy to handle sometimes but you can't deny his talent...He could have a settling effect on our young receivers or is it too risky....This is all conjecture of course and i don't know what the toothless tabbies would want for him BUT IF he is available ...might....BIG MIGHT be worth a look :roll: :roll:

IF he is available, and if TJH doesn’t get back to form, he might be worth a shot. When our receivers are healthy, Edwards, Carr, TJH, Denmark, Watson, Poblah, Hargreaves, Etienne is plenty deep. But with Carr and Poblah out and TJH stinking up the place, I would consider taking a chance on him.

Great receiver with a lousy attitude. I think him punting the ball in frustration in the game vs wpg says it all. Too much me not enough team. He would not fit with what Mack and Lapo are trying to build IMO. His time in Winnipeg has come and gone.

Not sure how injured he is, sounded like he had a bit of an injury but probably not one bad enough that would've normally shelved him, until he opened his mouth about not getting the ball. If you open your mouth and become too much a pain sometimes a suntan is enough to get you on the IR.

Forget it. If Bruce is released he'll go right back to Toronto.... That may be what he's hoping for actually so I doubt the timinous will release him.

…There’s no-way Marcel will release Bruce…But in a similar situation with the Argos he was traded…I doubt very much he’ll be traded back to T.O. BUT i do have a feeling he’ll be going somewhere other than the starting line-up of the kitty-cats :wink:

He’s not going anywhere, he got banged up near the end of the last game and had hoped to be in the lineup but they didn’t wanna chance it.He’ll be back in week 4 as our #1 WR.

I don’t think he’s going anywhere either, but it’s fun to speculate :stuck_out_tongue:

The Tiger-Cats search for their first win of the season has taken a major hit as the team will be without one of its main offensive weapons when the Roughriders roll into Hamilton on Saturday.

Arland Bruce, who had hoped to return this weekend, will not be in the line-up.

He has been placed on the team's injured list with a knee injury he suffered during last week's loss in Edmonton. He had hoped to be ready for Week Three, but missed first couple practices this week and it became apparent he would not be ready in time.
When healthy, Bruce is a key cog in the Tiger-Cats attack. Though he has suited up for both Hamilton's games this season, he has been limited to just five receptions totaling 48 yards with no touchdown receptions on the year to-date.

Over parts of 11 seasons, Bruce has racked up 607 receptions for an impressive 9,344 yards while pulling down 76 touchdown passes.

....I know it's hard for cats fans to admit that Bruce is NOT a happy camper (look at his interviews lately) His booting of the ball says a lot...He argues with teammates and those are indicators he is on his way out of the hammer...Keep him and you might have a locker-room problem...I don't think the cats want that ,with the way things are going there...But hey...if he sticks around it'll keep the cats on the front page ,,,but maybe in a way you don't want :wink:

You absolutely WISH your little conspiracy was true… Bruce will be a Ti-Cat and the end of this season AND the start of next…NO WAY Obie strengthens a division rival by trading Bruce to them… unlike a certain other Eastern GM

Time to move along… nothing to see here

…I wouldn’t want Bruce on my team in his PRESENT mind-set…A trade would probably straighten him out…Worked before…i never said there was any kind of conspiracy :lol: …Infact i said it was all conjecture at this point…I guess we’ll see in the next little while :wink:

Are you guys mad ! You need a QB ASAP Buck is not going to last then what? If you want anyone from from Hamilton I would go after Porter.

I understand Dave Naylor is reporting that Bruce is on the trading block and there was a rumour going around that BC was trying to do a trade with an Eastern team so who knows. Even Drew Edwards is wondering if something is up:

I've been willing to accept the company line regarding Bruce thus far - he's been injured and nothing else is wrong - but this kind of makes me wonder what else might be up.

And don’t kid yourself about not trading to a division rival, the CFL is too small for that type of thing - a GM will take the best deal he can for a player whether it’s a division rival or not.

Yeah.. you play 10 games against divisional opponents and 8 games against non-divisional opponents, you could conceivably go through the playoffs with 2 games against non-divisional opponents and 1 game against a divisional opponent, and unless you're practically a lock to win your division a la Montreal, you're maybe competing against non-divisional opponents for the playoff spot with the crossover. No reason to be picky which team you trade a guy to.

If you guys want him so bad, fork over Jonathon Heffney or Jovon Johnson.Otherwise bug off :wink:

....Who said we WANTED Bruce-Reth....15 champs :lol: (He must want to change his name, so he can travel incognito with the Cats, so as not to be embarrassed)) We were just 'speculating' on his release (not likely) or a trading scenario...Once his lower jaw gets off the carpet..(i don't know who sulks more...him or Glenn)..his status should clear...Look for a lot of fun in the Cats locker room till then :lol:

I see what you’re saying, and i’ll raise you Heffney AND Johnson for Bruce :lol: :rockin:

traded to BC for a 3rd and additional conditional pick.

hey, BC needed someone to hang on to the ball when it was thrown at him.

…He’s not going anywhere eh… :lol: I hate to be a told ya so guy BUT…i told you so…When BruceReth gets the pout on…say goodbye :wink: …He might work out for a temp. fix for the Leos but i think we have a couple of guys on our PR that would’ve been better…Good-Luck Wally :wink:

I think this is a great great move for the tie cats. It takes some stress off of the salary cap. also, it seems like stala is becomming the go to guy, and cornerstone of the recivers. AND!! getting a draft pic or two, always offeres potential to improve the Canadian Talent. If you have a choice between a couple guys, you pick one, and wonder about the other, now you might be able to draft both players. just a thought.