..Arland Bruce out.....

......Bruce could be right out of T.O. ...according to the latest gag by Arland 3....He pretty much pulled an Armstrong ...the only difference is he didn't refuse to play ..just called out the coach and team...so it'll be a see ya later note from Andrus....The guy is a talented receiver but it looks like he has played his last down in Argo-land...I can't see Kelly wanting him around the Bombers..although Bruce said he's like to finish his career in the Peg....hmmmmmm ..Interesting... :roll:

...I would say with the signing of Corey Rogers by the Argos.....the count-down for Bruces' release has begun... :wink:

well i guess this works perfect we kinda need an all-star receiver to replace armstong and we got 2 players on trading block so there we have it Bruce to winnipeg for T.williams and Bates

...not so fast.....the Ti-Cats have expressed interest in Bruce according to tsns latest word on him....i may have to retract my statement that he 'wouldn't be traded'....I wonder what obie is willing to give-up for Arland....????? :roll:

Bruce doesn't seem like the kind of player Kelly would want, and he's going to get released anyway. I don't want to trade for him. I wouldn't mind maybe bringing him for a chance if he's released.

papa, I thought TSN said the Argos have been in contact with the Ti-Cats who have expressed interest in Bruce in the past? presumably before he did this.. maybe I heard it wrong, but I'd be surprised if he gets traded for anything significant.

.....Is this guy worth the baggage he brings????....someone said get him a muzzle for starters...and you'd have yourself a pretty good ball-player.......Edwards is a good friend of Bruces' and knows the guy fairly well....Terrance has given us up-dates on what's happening with Arland on a few occasions... He's also told us Bruce has confided in him that he would like to finish his career in the Peg...Could he be a possible addition to the BigBlue???.....I think Kelly would have to get some concrete assurances that there would be no shenanigans like what has happened in the big smoke...Bruce used to play for the BigBlue...has some friendly faces still in river city... BUT could he ever change enough to be acceptable...considering his latest escapades....I think if we got him for a reasonable price..(no trade)...then i'd be willing to take the chance....failing that ...take a pass... :expressionless:

Ticats get first crack at him so you'll have to wait and see what we do before you hope about him becoming a Bomber. Good luck today, crush the Argo's underfoot!!!!!!!!!!!! Never thought i'd say this but GO BOMBERS GO! :rockin: And one for us for BC GO CATS GO

...sorry there pal....if he's released....anyone can take a shot at him ...How do you figure TiCats have an inside track anyway....did you put in a reserved bid....You don't have a guy like Moreno to give away anymore...but then knowing obie :lol: :lol: :lol:

They're in talks with Obie atm regarding a trade. Bruce's first call was to us. You'll have to wait until Obie decides what he wants to do before you get your shot. And it looks like Obie may want him considering he tried to get him prior to the start of the season.

http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=285542 [url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/bruce-not-looking-for-the-door/article1229177/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/b ... le1229177/[/url]

Kelly could get some fans back if he goes after Bruce, he;s agreat player, but if he can't get along with the argos head coach then he wont get along with kelly

He is a top 10 receiver in this league still and has a few good years left, I'm sure Murphy will be in conference about this.

Is he really still top 10? I'm pretty sure I can name at least 10 receivers off the top of my head who I'd take over Bruce.

Geroy Simon
Paris Jackson
Andy Fantuz
Weston Dressler
Jamel Richardson
Ben Cahoon
Kerry Watkins
Nik Lewis
Ken-Yon Rambo
Jeremaine Copeland
Prechae Rodriguez
Terrence Edwards
Kamau Peterson

Bruce IMO was overrated even when he was producing. Now? He's a middle-of-the-pack receiver, nothing more.

Rodriguez isn't a top 10 just yet, and we wouldn't have to take Rodriguez over Bruce when we can easily have both :smiley:

Copeland and Kamma in EDmtn over Bruce, I dont think so.

Peterson finished last season with more yards and more catches than Bruce.

Anyhow, my point was that in 2009, you can easily find 10 receivers in this league who are better than Bruce. Which makes his antics in Toronto much harder to swallow. You cut a guy slack if he's an elite player. Bruce is not an elite player anymore.

Well if you are correct then Arland will basically be like D Armstrong and his career all but done, being he is not an elite receiver. I feel someone will take a chance once the Argo's make a decision on his status. Lets see how long it takes for AB to find work in the league.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Probably not long since Obie was interested in him and the first call Bruce made about trade possibilites was to the Ticats. Last I heard The Argo's and Ticats were in talks and havent heard anything different since then. Hope all goes well, be nice to have another good receiver.

...according to inside info. (not at liberty to divulge source...so you can believe it orrrrr not) Bruce expressed interest and has heard from 3 clubs....one being the Wpg. Blue Bombers...(a little surprised at us)..sooooo it's the ol' we'll see :wink: :lol:

Funny how losing football games makes the whole Ahole light thing take a back seat :wink:

I've suspected he's expressed interest in the 3 Eastern teams. That's the best way to get someone to turtle out of the whole collusion thing. He's got a good agent. Now just get him a good shrink and he's good to go :thup: