Arland Bruce on 'roids!?!?

...sitting on them that is!?!?!

I just got this out of the Toronto Star:

ARGONOTES: Receiver Arland Bruce's status for Saturday against the Riders is up in the air, said head coach Bart Andrus. Bruce missed practice yesterday to get treatment for hemorrhoids. ... Kicker Eddie Johnson, is out three-to-four weeks with a dislocated shoulder.

Not making this up!!! Is it a joke!?! Ohhhhhh man. I think there will be a few signs crafted about this for the Labour Day visit!!! LOL!!!!

Because of his 1st quarter antics, Bart Andrus said that Bruce's status was up in the air for the next game. Problem is... now he'll be unable to sit this one out!

He Been a Pain in Ass for Ticats fans for Years with his Spider Man Masks and Show Boating .
Now He knows what it is like to have a Pan in the ass.

All the best to our friend Bruce, he is all too often the butt-end of our criticism here. :lol:

Must be covered in them since he is after big a**hole.

Isn't that just poetic justice? That is the funniest thing I've heard in ages.

[quote="bwf029"]Because of his 1st quarter antics, Bart Andrus said that Bruce's status was up in the air for the next game. Problem is... now he'll be unable to sit this one out![/quote]

Thank you, thank you, thank you. :smiley:

This is the best one so far!!! Well done Beetlejuice...actually laughed out loud at this one!! Man...kudos to the Toronto Star for printing such hilarity!! Might have to sign up to the Argos fan boards and remind them of this story throughout the season.

You have to wonder whether this is actually true, or if this a way for Andrus to embarrass Bruce as a disciplinary measure for the grief Bruce brought on the team for his stunt at the Ticat game.

What an embarassment to the CFL. Did anyone see ESPN in the States the other night? they showed Bruce's "tribute" to the King of Perv and the host says "what a bush league move, no wonder he's playing in the CFL"......ouch

8) Your right. It's because of players like Bruce, that this league still gets laughed at by the majority of NFL fanatics, who in reality don't have a clue about the CFL at all, other than to think it's just bush league football !!!!

That’s what happens to a " perfect ass " New name for the entertainer " Roid Man "

Mixing it with hockey a bit here, but just think about it.

Is that getting treatment in the proverbial "5" hole??? :roll: :roll: :rockin: :rockin:

Doesn't matter. Either way this is comedy gold and he's never going to live it down. I say we all bring him some Prep-H to the LD game. :lol:

Gives new meaning to Argo Blows.... :cowboy:

He gives those that want to disrespect the CFL some ammo to just say the CFL is bush but let’s face it, the personality of some NFL guys and their criminal behaviours ie. Michael Vick to start, make the NFL much more bush than the CFL will ever be if looking at it from a players behaviour point of view. But that’s not the point really as I myself think this move by Bruce was bush or whatever you want to say but no reflection on the CFL as a whole compared with NFL players and their code of conduct. TO another example, nuff said on that one.

Arland Bruce is going to have "piles" of fun this season and Ticat fans will help him along whenever possible.

Get out the Preparation "H" for this pathetic a--hole.

Part of his gear this season will be a butt-donut. Sit on it, Arland!

Don’t encourage this clown he might drop his pants and show us something we don’t need to see :oops: :oops: :oops:

I think displaying an hemoroid in public might be a criminal act :cowboy:

That's funny. O'Shea has been playing here for years...