Arland Bruce in name dispute?

What the heck is going on now ?

I mean, who cares if he changes his name, but, change your name legally and quietly and don't bring the drama to the Tiger-Cats..this team doesn't need the extra stress right now :roll:

"Bruce ditches ‘slave name’

Name change Arland Bruce had the letters “RETH? taped over the nameplate on the back of his practice jersey Tuesday.

Arland Bruce had the letters “RETH? taped over the nameplate on the back of his practice jersey Tuesday.

Though he wasn’t made available to the media Tuesday — team policy says injured players don’t speak to the press and Bruce is nursing a lower-body injury — his Twitter account provided a clue.

In a tweet directed at rapper Sean (P. Diddy) Combs, Bruce (@mrmature1) wrote: “i took that slave name off my back ... Google me RUNAKO RETH.?[/i]


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Day old news about senseless drama.

You don't have to like or agree with anything he says. Be concerned when he says he is speaking for you.

Probably a condition of the advertising sponsorship deal he has with that "energy drink".

IMO ab3 is the same level as Archie Amerson, thats pretty good. But he is not the primary reciever type player, he is easy to shut down esp on long passes, simply because of his hight, now on shorter slants ,hooks, and crossing routes he's valuable just as AA, was.

Runako Reth may mean "handsome king", but Runako F1 and Reth 083 F1 are also two varieties of eggplant. Just sayin'. 8)

And on the Hunid Racks site, his page is titled "Runako Reth III/'s Page". Um, did he convince his father and grandfather to change their names as well? :?

Personally, I don't care what the players names are or what they choose to be called, as long as they perform. Last year, we couldn't ask for better from Bruce/Reth III. This year, it seems he's being used as a decoy, playing so far away from Glenn most plays that the ball can never get there. A rather bizarre coaching decision, to say the least. Something's got to change before long.

Would someone help me with this? Didn't his jersey just say "Bruce"? Where/what is this Runako Reth bit? The SPEC story doesn't explain it and it's outside my range of knowledge. HELLLLLLLLLLP!

He put tape over his nameplate that says RETH, its just Bruce being Bruce, accept him for what he is, I accept him for the great player he is

Its Bruce being the guy we all hated before

Aha.... so the RETH was taped over the name BRUCE and was indicating that Bruce is a "slave" name. The story is written abominably and the understanding of RETH is presumed by the writer as if it's common knowledge.


AKT, come on, he's over that, this is a different time and issues.

its not even a issue? if it was a issue I'm sure Marcel would have told him to take it off, this is getting blown way out of proportion

EDIT: sorry, after re-reading posts, AKT is the only one who seems bothered by it

Exactly, that's what I was getting at really.

I'm not bothered by it so much as the fact that the entire teams self discipline is going to heck in a hand basket and notoriously bad actors are slipping into bad habits. Seems Marcel has lost all control. No he wouldn't say anything to Bruce, or Glenn or Colbourne. Thats the problem

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Hmm, my aunt spent 25 years as a school teacher in the Zaire/Congo area at a place called Rethy Academy before the ruthless, murderous dictator, Idi Amin over-ran the place. They all had to flee to safety with only hours to spare. (but that's another story)

At any rate, I guess "Reth" or combinations thereof is a common name over there.

As long as Bruce/Reth performs well and doesn't upset the team in any way, I don't care if he calls himself Joe Schmoe :wink: :lol:

I just hope Arland and friends show up for this next game or there might be a few other names floating around here. :wink: