Arland Bruce III Trade Thread

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EdwardsT has proven in the past to be a reliable source.

This is all I found so far:

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But I do hope he is a Ticat soon!

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Oh and this:

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Great news :smiley: wonder which # he'll wear? Gotta go down and get his autograph asap ;D

It's just too bad we have lose one of our best receivers.

Two different stories? They can`t both be true! One says they wave him which means they get zip, and the other has him possibly going to the TiCats for a price of some kind?

Good news is that Winnipeg will have a easier time without facing Arland. If Bish starts and finishes the game for the Bombers it will be a blowout, with the Bombers the victors.

Would have been nice to have Arland and Bish back together again.

If he is going to be a Ticat. I really hope that he straightens out his attitude and checks his ego at the door. If he can play without the attitude, we have a real good receiving corps. I really hope he sticks it to the Argos next time we play them!!

WHO??? From these stories there is no mention of us giving up a receiver.

Do you know something?? C’mon…give it to us :wink:

As long as we don`t give up Rodriguez, Davis, or Currie. I have a feeling Bauman would be the player to go?

Currie wouldn't upset me anywhere near as much as Davis or Prechae.

True that!

Just looked on the Bomber forum. One of the posters reported it as confirmed. Saw it on CTV that Arland is a Ticat!!

Here is a TSN lead!

That is a really, really misleading title. Because some Blue Bomber guy that has been correct received a text you think the deal is done?

It might be, but are you kidding me? Bruce a TiCat?

Do you write for on the side?

Naylor is a very credible source, and his lead says it pretty clearly:

The Toronto Argonauts are close to completing a deal that would deal receiver Arland Bruce III to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in exchange for a draft pick or rights to a future player.

Glad to see Obie is willing to take on a big contract at little expense to the current roster to make our team a contender.

i hope its true, Bruce would be huge for our offense.

If AB3 comes to Steeltown, where will he park his baggage and ego? Maybe in Printers' old room...there's lots of space in there.

I've been hearing that it could be announced tomorrow

And here is a link to the Naylor article.

And here's another excerpt form it:

Negotiations between Hamilton and Toronto have been going on since the weekend, when the Argos began trying in earnest to move the receiver who publicly criticized head coach Bart Andrus after being left at home for a road trip to Winnipeg last week.

While the Argos' demands were still too rich for Hamilton as of Monday night, it's believed the two sides were close to an agreement by late on Tuesday but that a deal might not be finalized until Wednesday morning.

If the deal with Hamilton breaks down, it is believed the Ticats, Calgary Stampeders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers – who recently signed Bruce’s good friend Michael Bishop to play quarterback – would all have an interest in negotiating with the receiver.

Hmmm...I've been hearing it is for draft picks or future considerations. That would be definitely worth it! Arland Bruce is sounding pretty good now. We know he can play. I just didn't want to trade any starting receiver for him (Prechae or Davis) and then not really be up much, if anything. Don't touch Davis or Preachae - DON'T!

If he keeps his attitude in check, he will fill a huge hole in our receiving corps; a veteran receiver who can do damage.

People have mentioned that Prechae hasn't been as effective this year. He's caught about 20 balls but not the big play Prechae we're used to, I bet because he is being keyed on by defenses. Well, having Bruce on the field will free up Prechae for one on one match-ups. Davis and Bruce are the same type of player and both of them together will stretch the defense out. Multiple receiving threats? I like it.

Prechae - WR
Stala - SB
Bruce - SB
Davis - WR

Either Bruce or Davis can move to WR, I don't think it matters which one.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

do we really want that ego in our dressing room, can it even fit in our dressing room.

While I concede that Arland is a good ball player, my concern is that he and his ego would be disruptive in our room. Unless some of our guys (Otis, Hage, Setta) can put him in his place and keep him in check then I don't want him here.

If Obie does feel the need to bring him in, then I say wait for the waiver wire - by virtue of our last place finish last year we get the first pick on the wire - yes we may miss getting him by waiting IF Rita can make a deal with the 'peg but those are the chances you take.

Bottom line - let him go be with his pal Bishop!