Arland Bruce III cut by the Lions

He was released along with Byron Parker...according to TSN...

The BC Lions have released Arland Bruce and Byron Parker..

I'm not sure where Bruce will end up.

I'm really hoping Parker will be a ticat to start the season, he is real good friends with Dee Webb we also have his former coach and DC here in Hamilton now..

Both guys have been in decline for a couple years now. I'll pass.

Edit: I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Parker for the right price, but I think we can do better.

Who would be better?... Dwight Anderson, Deon Beasley, Chris Thompson? I would take Parker and any one of those 3 guys and we would have a strong secondary.

With Canadians Hinds and Bucknor on the corners, and Courtney Stephen and Rwabukamba as back ups, Dee Webb at safety, and Parker and one of those 3 guys at half back..

There are a few other combinations that would work just fine but the one I just described would be the best case scenario with the Canadian ratio busters on the corners..

There is no way that both Hinds and Bucknor start at corner . We will likely have one spot for Chris W / Hinds and we can seee what Courtney can do ..Bucknor is more of a halfback or safety and would likley be a backup at this time .

I hope we do get Parker and he played Strong Side corner back for BC last year but has played weak side with the Argos

Right now I think WEBB and Colclough and Bo SMITH are candidtes for half back spots and Webb could play safety as well .
Chris W and Hinds played the Strong Side Corner as well .

I think a Defensive End Pass rusher and shut down corner are our tow biggest needs .

We have saved some cash on the cuts of Tisdale, Thomas , and Porter so maybe we could spend some money on Parker and say Thompson and Thompson could pair with Colclough at half back and Parker could play with our non imports guys at corner with Webb as safety ...I still think Orlando will get some ex Argo DB's in here which is good because there alot of good ones that have left in recent years such as Parker , L Shell , Willie Pile , Smalls, Carrol .

Also Steinhour could also try to bring ex argos such as :

DT Armstead
LB / DE Kuale
DT/ DE Buzbee

Parker has been a corner his entire CFL career. One of Hinds and Bucknor should play one corner, and if we’re going to fill the other side with a FA, I would go after Rod Williams, 26 year old corner coming off two good years in Edmonton. If not, I’m willing to take what we have into camp plus what ever rookies we bring in to camp.

My ideal secondary:
SCB: Hinds (Rwabukamba backing up)
SHB: Webb
Safety: Stephen (Bucknor backing up)
WHB: Smith
WCB: Williams (If you can’t sign him, have a few guys battle it out in camp. surprise.

More aging football players.

parker is 31.
that isn't old.
ricky ray is 31 and just won a championship.

It's not about age it's about salary. As a player becomes a veteran they pay him more and then it becomes a salary cap issue. There's always someone younger who can be paid less.

I would like to see Parker dressed in Black and Gold.

Too late. He's signed with the Als according to a tweet by Farhan Lalji.

Both guys can still play in my opinion. However, they must be making top dollar. The Lions obviously decided to go younger and cheaper and use the money to sign Lulay to an extension. Wouldn't surprise me if Parker did end up in Montreal. I'm sure AB3 will be at a CFL training camp too.

An Argo-Cat fan

85 000 for Byron is a steal if he plays anything close to his 2011 level.