Arland Bruce / Geroy Simon - last game???

Will this be it for Bruce and Simon? Will they even play?? With the impressive young receiving bank of receivers that the Leos have might it be time for these vets to retire or for Wally to dispassionately and with class cut them loose?
Thoughts anyone???? :cowboy: :rockin:

I think they will both be back next season. Simon is a revenue magnet, even if the coaches limit his play. I do wish Arland will be back. I was not expecting him to be out this long.

i don't think either will retire.
whether they remain BC lions remains to be seen.
perhaps Simon, but not Bruce?

bruce will retire or be let go by the Lions before Simon does. Whether its next year or shortly there after it is obvious that age has caught up with them by the length of time they have taken to recover. Neither will stick around to be a reserve like Paris Jackson so when they are beaten out for a starting spot they will retire right before that happens and it is getting close to that time. Gore is ready to step up as a #1 receiver unless he gets serious interest from the NFL. Gore's rookie year 2010 got to last cuts in the NFL so he should be a free agent this year. That may also play into it as Gore will be looking to get a #1 receiver salary. Im not sure what Courtney Taylor's status is but he is the real deal and they will need to pay him to keep him also.