Arland Bruce - Dave Naylor report

Skip the evil team talk and go to about 38 seconds.

My observation, this would be a mistake. Not sure if others notices but after the first TD of the game on Saturday, but immediately after Williams scored his first TD, he ran to the sideline and did the Bruce stance and they celebrated with Bruce and Mann. Our receiving core seems to have some real good comradery (which hopefully exists in the entire team) but this is the first time we have seen this on the field since maybe the boat celebration in Winnipeg.

Say it not so Obie please

I know I have a self-imposed moratorium during the season about complaining about people mixing up the words "then" and "than" . . . but someone remind me, is the use of "receiving core" instead of the correct "receiving corps" also off limits during the season?

On topic. . . hard to say if this is real or not. .. but I find it hard to fathom how a 1-2 team would consider, at this point in the season, trading the guy who was their #1 receiver last season. . . sure Williams looked pretty good last time out, but it was only one game. . .heck even Chris Bauman had one good game as a Cat. . .

But on the other hand, if the right offer came along, pretty well anyone on the roster should be available in a trade. . .

He never once said he is actually on the trading block. He said there was "buzz" around the CFL about it. Buzz means nothing more than gossip.

I noticed in Dave Naylor's comments, he said that the Tiger cats said they were not looking to shop Arland RIGHT NOW!!

i believe it was at the end of the Cats game on Saturday, Chris Schultz commented that with the offense, and particularly the receiving corp performing as well as it did, there should be some urgency for Arland to get back on the field as soon as he can.

Hamilton seems well stocked with catchers, perhaps Obie is looking to fill some holes elsewhere???

Agree with this, but it HAS to be the right offer.There's no way you just trade Bruce for the sake of trading him, I don't care what his #'s say.He's still our #1 WR.

They had one good game against the worst team in the league. Hardly enough evidence to suggest Hamilton doesn't need Bruce anymore. The season is long. :slight_smile:

Look, everyone more or less can be let go. Wasn't there a guy named Wayne Gretzky who services at his price point were expendable in Edmonton at one time? Anything is possible.

Remember, the Argos also thought getting rid of Bruce was the best option for them. Two years later, they still don't have a receiver of his caliber on the roster and they have no offense.

If you get production over a season from your young receivers, then you can think about jettisoning Bruce, but right now? It's too risky IMO.

To entertain the rumour for the purposes of the discussion.....the only way Bruce goes is if he asks to be shipped to a team where he could get the ball more.

Terrible idea. You don't trade away a veteran and mentor in Arland Bruce III with this many young receivers after two bad games unless you are getting at top tier receiver in turn plus some other benefit.

arland bruce back to the argos?

i feel the bruce injury was/is made up and he has actually been benched to teach him to keep his mouth shut and also buy obie time to shop him.

seems much like when bruce ran his mouth about kerry joseph in toronto. he was benched. everyone said it was no big issue, then he was traded to hamilton.

Who's "idea". So far it's only Dave Naylor



Rumours are fun. How about the Printers to WPG rumour ? That’s fun too.

nothin' is happening so chill out

Man, amazing what kind of buzz an injury can create

And if you rely on the scribes for your information, more fool you

I suspect there is little to this story other than a spin of the rumour mill.

Having said that, if the right deal is available, then there is no player on this team or any other who should be considered untouchable. AB3 is no exception to that in my mind.

I was not all that much in favour of acquiring him when he came from the Argos. I was concerned about his reputation there. He proved me wrong, I was pleasantly surprised and have been very glad to have him. Nevertheless, I was a bit surprised at the team's most recent extension of his contract, given his age. I suspect his best season is behind him, injury or not. So I might have left things as they were. But I am sure Obie knew what he was doing.

So if Obie decides a trade is a good move-- now, or soon, or later-- then I'm ok with that. There's no way to comment on a trade until it is announced, and then it takes a while to see if it was a good move or a poor one.

Meantime, I hope AB3 and the rest of the team play well, avoid injury and win lots of games. A Grey Cup or two would be nice too.

Two teams that Bruce would look good with again would be either Edmonton or Montreal, for the simple reasons those QB's can put the ball where a receiver has the best chance of catching it. Arland hasn't much patience for QB's who throw high, low or behind him. That what he got in Toronto with Joseph. Glenn is a bit better but is no Ray or Cavillo when it comes to delievering the ball on time and in the right place.
That being said I believe Saskatchewan would be the most interested in Bruce right now. Depends on the price I guess.

Don't think there is much substance behind this rumour, but if we can get a proven halfback for one of our receivers, it might not be a bad move. I'm not saying any of them are expendable, and I think Bruce is a great player, I just think it would be trading from any area of strength to improve an area of weakness.

Time will tell.


Trading AB3 would be a huge mistake. The Argos still haven't been able to replace him. Stala is good but off to a so-so start and the others haven't proven anything yet. Even one strong season doesn't prove much to me. Case in point P-Rod.

All star receivers like AB3 don't come along often. If he's cocky, it comes with the territory and MB and the coaches need to figure out a way to channel it in a positive direction.

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