Arland Bruce continues to impress

Another great game from Bruce tonight. Great catch for a TD and NO CELEBRATION whatsoever. I just can't believe we are not using him the way we should. One catch for a brilliant TD and then nothing until the game is almost over and he comes up and makes more brilliant catches.
When are we going to start using the talent we have properly? Any other team would have gone to him all night to keep drives going.

That catch was terrific.

Yeah, he's been our most productive receiver since he's been here. As far as not using him properly, they're not running the offense properly, period. Maybe I'm no offensive guru, and I couldn't do a better job, but the play of the offense speaks for itself. The dink and dump stuff only works for so long. The Riders were ready for it from the start and shut it down. Boring, predictable, easily stoppable. It doesn't surprise me that the lone passing touchdown came on a bomb. That's how you score touchdowns!

Exactly. You've got to at least go 10-20 and 30 yarders on a regular basis. This vanilla offence might have been acceptable for the first few weeks but it is getting real old by the 7th week....
Hey I have an idea.... throw the ball to one of the best receivers in the league more than three times a game.


Indeed, a spectacular catch. They need to call his number more often.

Sounds like me on the golf course.

Technically, Bruce has always been questionable. The biggest knock against him is that he adlibs too much and doesn't run good routes (which led to Andre Talbot saying that it was 'bush' to see two receivers in the same area on some plays in the playoffs last year referring to Bruce). However, he can get to balls that many guys can't and he can catch balls that most guys can't. You take the good with the bad in Bruce's case and usually, his good outweighs his bad.

I think that as the season moves along, he'll become the go-to guy for Porter and Glenn. Those three 1,000+ yard seasons weren't an accident.

An Argo-Cat fan

The most impressive thing Bruce did on Sunday, in my opinion, was just walking to the sidelines after he scored an awesome TD. Thank you Mr. Bruce you have earned my respect. :thup:

had my respect the day he became a Ticat. Hell he had my respect years ago as a great receiver....
He will be our top receiver by far by season's end.

Takes more than a ONE catch to EARN my respect.

It's a start.

I never used to like AB111,but it was usually because he was killing us when we would play the argos lol

i think he's great. I cannot believe we don't utilize him ALOT more.

The only way the dink and dump stuff works , at least on a regular basis, is when the defense has to cover downfield also - which you get by going deep from time time. Keeping the D honest so to speak. Hopefully once we get a little more squared away at QB we will be able to take better advantage of the talent that we have in both the backs and receivers.

Ourlad just keeps on giving. :thup:

Been with the team how long? Didnt he lead team receiving in yards and receptions vs. EDM. ?