Arland Bruce catch near end of half?

Arland Bruce was CLEARLY out of bounds when he caught that ball at the end of the second half, yet the refs didnt overturn it?

did it look any different on TV ??

i just couldnt believe it when the play stood. that resulted in 7 points when if it was overturned the blue team would have probably gotten nothing and maybe a field goal.

It was REALLY uncertain on TV...the only definite view of a replay would have been the nadheld camera, and they never showed that replay, so I don't know if they say it in the replay booth either...for what it's worth, the Black and Forde on TV said they thought he was out-of-bounds, but the views were not clear.

You can't see where his foot lands - but one of the TV replays shows the black rubber flecks from the turf bouncing up from the white part of the sideline as his foot touches. I am not sure of the rule - ie is he out of bounds if any of his foot touches the sideline - or what exactly "conclusive" evidence is - but regardless - this is not why we lost.

We lost because we can't make plays when we need to. Actually, kicking the ball back to Hamilton and putting the TiCats into position for a game winning drive is probably the safest play in the book. Why rely on your own team to win the game - just give the ball to Hamilton and they will find a way to screw up!

After watching it on TV, the ref made the right call on the review. The replays shown were not conclusive. The commentators also said that if it was orginally ruled incomplete and Toronto challenged, THAT call would have stood too.

Now..whether the original call was right is a completely different story...

I couldn;t believe there wasn;t a camera with a better angle in this age of technology in real time he looked out but on replay nothing conclusive enuff to over turn w get screwed again.And that spidey thing was bush and showed like of respect for an opponent.

Too tough to call on that play.

There`s no question Arland Bruce is very talented but he is a selfish player. That spiderman mask that cost his team a penalty was a prime example.

The official who made the call had the best possible angle for evaluating whether Bruce was out of bounds, and he was completely focused on watching where Bruce landed. There was nothing in the replays that could conclusively overturn that call.

Modern instant replay with old technology.
HD needs to be in place for the challenge system to work.
And yes he was out of bounds.

But that isn't really true as was proven on that Argo non-catch near the TiCats bench.

The official(s) closest to the play called a clean catch but instant replay clearly showed the ball bounced off the turf. Similar case where positioning (and concentration) doesn't guarantee a correct call.

How could all the officials miss what looked like an obvious Argo illegal block, in the open field in front of the ball carrier on the Dorsey long punt return leading to an Argo TD? Many in the stadium howled with the non-call because it was so obvious... to everyone but the officials.

Cats were called for OL holding during the game but did the Argos have any holding penalties? (again, many obvious seen live and on the large screen replays but not called)

(One of the most blatant misses or non-calls I've ever seen was the one against Bauman in Edmonton last year when he clearly had his arm yanked by a beaten defender just before the ball arrived yet no call... kind of makes you wonder some times.)


Are the officials on the take, or merely incompetent? Maybe it's time for an official in the booth that can OVER-RULE or correct a call (or non-call) made on the field. IIRC, that illegal block (that wasn't called) came on the punt where we didn't attempt 3rd-and-inches from our own 20. (Correct play, BTW).

That blown call (in EVERY sense of the word) gave the blue team the ball on our own 30. That official should be fined, demoted, or fired.