Arland Bruce Card

Can someone please explain why the Arland Bruce Cards where only given away in the West gate entrance yesterday. I was foruntete to get 1, but alot of fans missed out on this!

D'oh! I didn't see any cards at the north gates the last two weeks. Last week was supposed to be Jamall Johnson. I didn't even know there was a Bruce card this week. As a collector, I would love get them. Any way that they'll be made available through the store?

FYI, I have doubles of the Markeith Knowlton card that was available at the preseason game. If anyone wants to trade Bruce or Johnson for Knowlton, please PM me.

Ive been at both games and the preseason game and had no idea they were even giving out cards...
How many do they have each game?

One per game Markeith was given out in the pre-season game, JJ last week “which i might add i never got either” and Brrrruce was on friday! There was also the crew that dresses in the red jump suits handing the Brrrruce one out! Im sure if you call the Ti-Cat office they might be able to help you out! Dont get me wrong I was please to see them being handed out at my gate, but they should have been at all gates! Just a thought for next game!
Im hoping my Ticket Rep can get me a JJ one!