Arland Bruce; Breaking Boundaries

Arland Bruce; Breaking Boundaries

HAMILTON — The foremost impact of Arland Bruce the III in Hamilton is clear; three-time all-star, four one thousand yard receiving seasons and Grey Cup Champion in 2004. However, the often overlooked, and even more impactful aspect of Bruce’s arrival is how much more space the rest of the offense has been given to operate.

Bruce’s debut with Hamilton was less then spectacular. He finished with zero receptions and a couple of mediocre returns. But as was explained by Tiger-Cats head coach Marcel Bellefeuille; Bruce’s mere presence was enough.

“We used him on a certain formation a few times and they double covered him and that gave us some room on the short side of the field?, explained Bellefeuille after a 30-18 home victory against BC on Saturday. “They brought Barron Miles over there (to cover Bruce) so he had an impact. We didn’t think they’d give him any special attention but they did.?

Quarterback Quinton Porter noticed a difference in the Lions’ defense as well.

“We would put him out there and they would roll the coverage over to him so if he can garner that kind of respect every week then that’s going to help us huge?

A beneficiary from the Bruce acquisition will be receiver Prechae Rodriguez. He’s already made it into his share of highlight reels in only second season in the CFL and at six-foot-five he is a matchup nightmare for defensive coordinators.

This, without even mentioning Chris Davis who is the team leader in receiving yards, imposes a “pick your poison? approach for opposing teams — especially as Bruce becomes more comfortable with his new team.

“The more he learns — the more he gets acclimated, his role will definitely increase?, said Bellefeuille.

The Ticats host Edmonton at 6:30pm on Saturday.

Bruce is a great guy, didn’t hesitate to come over, sign an autograph and chat for a bit after practice. He seems to like Hamilton and the fans in general and is hoping to win the affection of the fans soon. He appreciates the support he was given in his debut game and is determined to give us a show.

In my dealings with him since he's been here; he's been very accommodating with the media and he's been easy to talk to. The ego is very evident but it's what has made him successful. Everyone that's succeeded in the sports has had an ego to a degree. Some are just more evident then others. As long as he is not saying or acting on anything detrimental to the team then I have no issues with him.

And judging from what I've heard from the front office and coaching staff, they don't expect a repeat of his closing time in Toronto

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Oski Wee Wee,

When the trade was finalized, one of my friends was e-mailed by Lori Bursey, President of the Argos fan club, and told that we "were going to be very pleasantly surprised" by Arland Bruce.

Spoke with him today and he was fun to talk too

Well, I hope the offence, if need be, can get him the ball on occasion and let him be himself, I'm wondering though if there might be too much structure in the TiCat offense for him to excel, I don't know.

Great read. Thanks for sharing that.

I must admit that I was against bringing him in here to start with because of the famous attitude and his apparent lack of professionalism, which I now have reason to doubt. I actually believe that Andrus may have wanted to get rid of Bruce to bring in his own guy. Obviously he didn't help himself with his comments in the press about his coach and QB (and I don't condone that), but he has conducted himself quite well since his arrival here and I'm happy to have him here now. If what I read about the "missed meetings" is true, he is not entirely responsible for that and I believe him when he says he didn't miss practice because he was honest about everything else. I guess it's a lesson learned that things aren't always as they appear to be.

On another note, I think he was hilarious on OTR. His Joe Jackson line was great and "That's all I can give you because I don't want a record deal today" was classic. Landsberg has been slamming him quite a bit and he was very professional in the face of that.