Arland Bruce a Lion!

Arland Bruce to the Lions for a 3rd and a conditional pick.

So what's the verdict on this trade?

Not so long ago Bruce was considered one of the best in the league. Now in his 30's can he still get it done (once he gets healthy)? Will he be another receiver to drop Lulay's passes? Didn't he used to be known as Arland Bruce the third?

Something tells me Bruce may not light it up, but will open the field up for Geroy - and chasing 81 with the ball is never a happy prospect.

I think Bruce will be a good addition. Will he still be able to get the job being in his 30s? Interestingly, he's a couple of years younger than Geroy. If you compare their stats during 2008 through 2010 they are quite comparable. In fact Bruce excels Simon in some categories.

In most TDs receptions Bruce has 27 to Simon's 22. In total receptions Bruce caught 266 to Simon's 239. With both of these guys going for passes it just may give the opposition something to think about. They both appear to have very good stats and they've also got the experience to back it up.

As far as wanting to change his name? He can call himself whatever he wants but as far as I'm concerned he should keep the name Bruce on the back of his jersey. That is what the fans know him by. Let him call it his "professional" name or his pseudonym. He says he's okay with it. Let's hope his "colorful" personality [no pun intended] adds something to the team's spirit and to the team's standings.

I don’t care if this guy trash talks my mother as long as he walks the walk! We need someone to stir the pot and hopefully he can still play with an edge!



man, you guys suck at picking presents :wink:

Arland Bruce will definitely be an improvement , over what we have now, "Dropping the Balls"!
But.....we could have Tom Brady throwing to Deion Branch out there, and it just wouldn't make any difference, at all.
With out an "Aggressive" O Line, we are going no where, and Arland Bruce won't be seeing the ball here, either!
Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin are both, Meaner, Dirtier and more Hostile than either Valli or Reid could ever dream of being.
Our "O" Line is so "Limp Wristed" , Pathetic, and so "Out of Shape" is no wonder, that they are dying to get off the field, after just two plays.
I will say it again "Wally" about Reid and Valli,......being "FAT" and "SLOW" does not make one a Tough, Mean, Aggresive or a Credit, to any team.
The problem is not with the Defence or the Receivers, it starts with FAT "Out of Shape" Reid and Fat "Out of Shape" Valli and their total lack of conditioning and their lack of Pride, Balls or Aggressive play.
I find it funny, that the Lions are the least penalized team in the League.
Geez......I wonder why that is?
I would rather see us putting some guys on their Ass's out there, and taking the odd Roughing Playing with some Spirit and Balls, than to be priding ourselves on being "Miss Congeniality", as we pick up our own Quarterback, off of his own Flattened Ass.
Our "O" Line is an Embarrassment, to say the least.
Where is Rob Murphy, and his Clone?
The sooner that we get rid of Valli and Reid, the sooner that Arland Bruce will be seeing the ball, and Lulay will be seeing the occasional pass, being Completed!

Getting Bruce for a 3rd rounder is automatically a win for the Lions. Maybe he can teach some of the Lions' younger receivers to catch since they seem to be having so much trouble with the task through the first few weeks of the season. :lol:

With regards to guys dropping catches, Gore is a mixed-bag, he's missed some throws but is also has the most catches and 2nd most yards receiving on the Lions. Collins (to PR) is out for the next game with Moore in. Sanchez out (injured list) on defence with LaRose taking over (better natural safety).

Should be interesting this week and more so next with Bruce in the line up. Could be a couple of more jobs on the line.

We are protecting much better this year. But if this was 2010 you are absolutely right!

That said I do agree with you that we could use a 'meaner' attitude on the O-Line.

Bruce should help the Lions`offence.

Some questions arise:

Will be is he worth the $150,000 + incentives salary?

Can he play at that level, and how does his contract affect the Lions`cap situation?

Would he be willing to take a pay cut to prolong his career?

Reading reports out of Hamilton, the Tiger-cats, this year, wanted to spread the ball around a lot more ala the Alouettes and Stampeders, rather than having a go to guy (Bruce) as they did the last couple of years.

And as mentioned on TSN's panel, having a QB like Lulay who is more mobile than Glenn should complement Bruce's style of 'creative' route running.

I think he'll be fine there in B.C., especially with Geroy being there.

I'm eager to watch an improved Lions' offense. Glad we already played the Lions in Vancouver this year!

Arland and Geroy should really grow to love each other.

we'll see soon enough if he is worth it. Our recieving corps aren't our strong point like in seasons past so we could use the help.

It looks like Arland Bruce is proving to be a fabulous asset Grims as many of us had hoped. Many wondered given his age but I think he's not only making a contribution on the field but in the locker room as well. He was rather quiet against Edmonton last week but that is okay cause it opened the door for Harris and some of the other receivers. I'm hoping to see more from Arland this Saturday. :slight_smile: