Arland Bruce 111..Parker released by leos

....Any takers for these two.....?????? Bruce started his career here, said he would like to finish it in the Peg at one time...Not sure if he's worth his current dough but he may be servicable at a lower price..If we lose Denmark, he might get a look :roll: We do have a couple of up and comers in Doug Pierce and Kurt Adams...Maybe the Arland ship has sailed????As far as DB Byron Parker goes, he would most likely be seeking too much cash although he does have a lot of experience...Age could be a big negative... :roll:

There was a time I wanted both in the Blue and Gold, now not so much.

Those are two positions where the Bombers are in really good shape

.....Parker signed by the Als......Not a youth move for sure but he provides experience and a short time fix... :roll:

There was a time I would've taken Parker just because of how often he seemed to get pick 6's against us and it was the surest way to keep him away from our QBs. Not sure how many he has had but the number is too many regardless. Bruce on the other had has been in a statistical decline for the last few years. Either way, Parker has already signed with the Als. Even if he was still available, both of those players are at positions the bombers don't need upgrades at and the money is better spend elsewhere. Bruce may be done. Receiver is one of the hardest spots for a declining vet to get a contract IMO.

Never liked Bruce, even when he played for us. Still don't like him.

Well, he's the Als problem now. Surprised they would bring him aboard, they have a couple pretty good SB's ahead of him in Green and Richardson.