Arland Bruce ... 1 (or 2) returns to 'convert' everyone?

Will it take Arland Bruce returning 1 (or 2) kickoff returns … to ‘THE HOUSE’ to convert any and all ‘doubters’?

It’ll probably take 30 td’s by reception, 5 by rushing, 10 by returns to shut these “cancer” people up. Those are 2009 stats by the way, not his career total here.

Looks good to me!

I'm in

1 or 2 TD's with no celebrations of any sort and I'll take another look at evaluating the trade. I think I'm safe with my original analysis ... Obie screwed up. Its not about being a cancer ... I don't think he was, its about being an idiot on the field not off of it

I know he can play football.

All he has to do to convert me is to be professional and respectful. Act like a man.

Do you expect he will though?

I think so, otherwise his list of homes will be growing shorter and shorter. He is a good receiver but is getting up there in age and has a hefty contract..there are a few teams willing to gamble but by the looks of the interested parties before we got them..the coaches of those respective teams are not the kind to put up with BS of any kind.

Get it over it guys. At the end of the day, what has he really done that is so terrible? I don't care for some of his celebrations, if you can call them that, just because they don't make any sense and it looks foolish. But no celebrations whatsoever? This is football. When you score a TD you celebrate. How about no cheering when he scores a touchdown. No cheering whatsoever when our team scores, or causes a turnover. This is nothing being blown into a big deal.

I agree that no celebrating is unrealistic but AB has made his bed and now must sleep in it. He gets zero tolerance and others get plenty of room to celebrate. Its not my fault he has a reputation to repair. I personally have no tolerance for the current level of acting out in sport but its part of the game and I have to accept more than I like from athletes. AB has lost that acceptance forever

I have no idea and no expectations as far as behaviour goes. We'll see.

Fair enough

Hey, I wanna like him now that he's a Tiger-Cat. I really enjoy cheering teams that have high quality individuals.

Like Bellefeiulle says, a clean slate with a new start, the rest is up to him. I don't want to be let down.

Also, I think it's more important for the team's sake that the team likes him and not so much the fans, although that too is not unimportant to me.

But enough about him, I'm focused on Porter, Davis, McDaniel, Cobb,the D-line, Johnson, Tisdale and Beveridge. Also, I want to see Bradley get some playing time as I'm pretty sure he will in defensive pacakges with an extra DB.

"THE FUN LEAGUE" :rockin: 1 BIG TIME PLAY with no fine :lol:

I’m in the same category as the Good Cap’n!

I’ve never doubted the guy’s ability to play the game. I just think he’s a selfish jerk.

Play the game with the respect the game deserves.

Play like the greats of today and yesterday.

THEN and only THEN…will I be converted.

Never cared for him or his antics but just had a look at his site and figure I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.
He seems to genuinely want to be part of the team and has changed the overall look of his site to reflect his new what the hell, until you do something to make the team or you're teammates look bad go crazy and get us a few wins.
You score I cheer and all is right in the valley.

Edited to add: could use an update, the whole go Bombers welcome message seems odd when you're a Ticat now.

Best thing about Arland Bruce? His username on twitter: [url][/url]

He Updated his Webpage to Black and gold