Arkells to take centre stage at Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) will welcome the hardest working band in Canada, Arkells, to take centre stage at the Twisted Tea Grey Cup Halftime Show. The 108th Grey Cup from Hamilton’s Tim Hortons Field will air live on Sunday, December 12 on TSN and RDS – Canada’s home of the CFL.

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Arkells are good and prolly fairly cheap.
If he hadn't postponed his Nov/Dec North American tour - I would have personally chosen the UK folk/soul singer "PASSENGER", aka Mike Rosenberg to do the show.
His songs are amazing - and he really pulls fans of almost all ages into his unique orbit. . . . . although to be honest his biggest fan sector is 15 to 29. , , , almost the opposite of the CFL.

LOL really?
Calgary gets Keith Urban and Hamilton follows up with this?
Pretty poor form

An announcement that shocked no one.

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Darn. I was hoping to see a 'Dog Chasing Frisby' act. They get super funny when the little dogs get involved. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Keith Urban???
Anyone can top that.
The Archies, The Hansens, Pussycat Dolls, Mickey Mouse, Nicole Kidman.
ANYONE !! what a joke !!

Like him or not he is one of the biggest acts in the world. .The arkells are not

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Unfortunately - lead singer Max whatever-his-last-name-is just totally ruined his and the bands reputation and popularity with his sophomoric ARGOS SUCK warbling on national TV

He talked about sports bringing people together and then he says that idiotic rant. What a maroon. Especially since he grew up in Toronto.

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He is 100% a NOBODY.
Nobody knows who he is OR cares.

The Arkells are HUGELY popular in Canada.
Keith What ??

Weren’t the Arkells on Star Trek?

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I have 3 cds of theirs (Arkells),
I wouldn't come near a Keith Urban cd (whoever he is) if you paid me.
Kidding - I know who he is.
He should get a haircut and learn how to sing - ha ha.

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Funny, that's what I tell my wife whenever his name comes up.

Thank god it's not another country act. I don't need to hear Suitor talking about '3 chords & the truth' again. He always forgets that real talent helps.

Standard for WORST - I agree. Keith Urban - yuck!!

Don't be a hater. You have no appreciation of talent. He's more than a pretty boy. Keith Urban is a gifted musician blessed with perfect pitch. He can play Rolling Stones(Tumbling Dice), Steve Winwood(Higher Love), John Hiatt(Slow Turn), Dire Straits(Sultan of Swing)his own music

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Can't stand him - his looks or his voice. I am also not a fan of Steve Winwood, John Hiatt or Dires Straits - so that doesn't help your argument any.

This is the steel city.

We aren't country wankers.

Let the country singer sing for the country wankers.

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You must have a tin ear

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I’ll say. Those are 3 hall of famers you are dissing, all of whom have written and performed numerous all time classic songs. Not sure what appeals to you. Jackson 5? Madonna? The Partridge Family?

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Yes I love Jackson 5, Madonna, David Cassidy.
What's your point??
I also love Led Zeppelin, Van Morrison, Laura Nyro, The Who, The Guess Who, The Rascals, Alice Cooper, John Mellencamp.

I don't have to like the same crap that you like, do I?? Hall of Fame or not