Arkells at Tim Hortons Field

Can't believe there hasn't been a thread on this. I complained last year about the lack of concerts at Tim Hortons Field, so I've gotta give the team credit for putting this together. Great to see a local band putting on their biggest show at home. Upper bowl opened up today, with the potential for 25k + in the stands that day. Should be great!

Upper bowl opened up today YES just seen in on CHCH

Not much of a Arkells fan but glad they are trying to book talent. Now get a big name Like Pearl Jam and I'm in. I'm a 90's kid

I was really pleased when I saw that last night. Something like 17,000 tickets already sold! Well done!

Very cool with them saying how neat it is playing in a venue in a residential type neighbourhood, parking on the lawn, Wrigley thingy. See:

The Arkells add thousands of new seats to their concert at Tim Hortons Field

I hope Mayor Fred approves. :-*

If the city won't allow patio music how are they ok with this.l wonder what the owners of Sarcoa are thinking?

THF is zoned P3 as was IWS. They are allowed Concerts