Arjei Franklin re-signs in Calgary

So much for him coming back to Winnipeg as a FA.

Meh...he wouldn't see much time on the field with Jabari here...

Franklin is a proven Canadian vet. Arthur hasn't caught one pass in the CFL, to my knowledge. You are putting a lot of pressure on this kid.

Just hoping he lives up to his hype. Brock is still here too...

....WHO said he was coming back to the Peg anyway..He was rumoured to want to sign back east to be nearer his girl friend.....guess she is movintg to cowtown orrrrr they broke up... :roll:

I think that's just Out in Two stirring the pot again...

I liked Arjei...but his production is not going to be missed in Winnipeg. He had 5 catches in 7 games for Calgary...

Franklin has proven what again ? It will be very difficult for Winnipeg to draw the top free agents this year.

Since when is Franklin a top Free Agent??

but you know who was? Jovon Johnson...

I don't know if this was for me but I don't consider Arjei a top free agent.

Murphy did some nice work for Winnipeg no question. Considering all the changes Mack should have talked to the man before they gave him his pink slip based on third hand info.

just trying to understand how you were equating Arjei re-signing in Calgary with Winnipeg having difficulty signing top free agents...

Since when was Franklin a FA? He wasn’t on the official list that was released by the CFL. I wouldn’t be surprised if he re-signed a while ago but they are just announcing it now.

Guys who have four maybe five teams making offers will have the luxury at looking at more than just the money. So much unknown in Winnipeg right now. but things could likely be very different by the time FA begins.

Ya, Franklin stinks, and so does that they are Stamps. Right, Bomber fans?

... WRONG.....they are no longer Bombers so they are simply the opposition.....Are you trying to be antagonistic there out in two....cuz your statement does nothing for discusion on our site......If you can't come-up with something better than that ....go somewhere else...or back to your kitty-cat board.. :wink:

*HC wanted

Must be young dynamic, have had success in the CFL as a coach. Can not have male breasts or hair sticking out of your nose or ears. References are a must and bringing a proven offense playbook to the interview is preferable. Must enjoy meeting with reporters most not very nice and be willing to take phone calls from 3 to 5 seniors a week. Job pays less than average and you will answer to 14 individuals.

H.C. wanted that Hamilton Coach wanted...... Wow the TiCats advertising for help already.....and they haven't even been officially informed yet ,that their coach has flown the coop...... that ad might help though....hmmmmmm they better get busy.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sigh...did you miss the fact he had a whole 5 catches in 7 games with the Stamps?

And what does that have to do with Arjei Franklin, HfxTC?

I think he went and got his threads mixed up... :lol:

fact is, arjei franklin while with the bombers was all hype and no results really.. yes i know people will say he wasnt the first or even second or third read.. but still, if he got open im sure he would have been thrown the ball. He didnt tho so really wasnt given a chance. Do i care that franklin is gone? no.. do i care bryant is gone? no, do i think bryant will even make the stamps this year.. heres a shocker and NO its not cuz he's a former bomber and i cant stand him, now or then, but NO and why? because his work ethic just isnt that good. Or atleast wasnt in wpg last season and just because he had 1 or 2 good games with the stamps, doesnt really matter.