Arizona Coyotes New Arena and/or Relocation Thread

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Good afternoon everybody.

I’m going to thank @Mightygoose here for this fantastic thread that he started in August 2021, which is one of a few we have had on this forum over the years, about any given sports team relocation or new market.

These threads are NOT to be confused with any given expansion thread, for these threads are SPECIFIC to ONE team or market and including many LOCAL facts and feedback as well.

Those expansion threads, well … :roll_eyes: :unamused: …never mind knock yourself out in those if you will please.

We have had such threads as this one in the past for example for the relocation of an NFL team to Los Angeles, where now TWO NFL teams play, another thread I do believe with regards to the return of the Winnipeg Jets, and yet another for the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

Aye there laddies, the prophecies have been fulfilled!
:partying_face: :beers:

These are some of the best threads on the forum in my humble opinion.

Anyway, on to the next new thread as we also follow the completion of this belated relocation of the Coyotes, who are now history in Arizona and stand to be renamed in Salt Lake City.

Now carry on, and please continue the good work here.

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Yes, I think the real estate aspect is important in this day and age with modern sports ownership. But this isn’t always possible of course due to a number of factors.

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We’re about T minus 3 hours from this one being official.

On another forum I’m on, there have been an ongoing series of threads dating back to 2009 when the team was put into BK by then owner Jerry Moyes when trying to sell to Jim Basille.

Lots of people reminiscing that the move is real after all of these years.

With Meruelo having an exclusive 5 year window to get an arena built and back into the market, that mega thread still won’t die.

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Why are you so hell bent on protecting the Sabres.

I guess you are against another Canadian team or is it Hamilton you’re against.

If you don’t have a strong local fanbase initially, your chances of long term survival is slim.

If there is money to be made by placing a team in Hamilton (over a billion $US minimum) then the NHL won’t have any problem placing a franchise.

I do question Buffalo’s viability as a franchise if they fans from Canada to prop them up.

Winnipeg surly does need fans from across the border to be viable (but more fans are welcome of course).

You are right they won’t place a team in Hamilton as of yet as the price and time aren’t aligned.

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Sorry , but I’m not against another team in Canada or Toronto. I said if Toronto gets another team it won’t be in the golden horse area. It would be North or East of the city.

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That part I understand. Love to see it.

I just feel Hamilton is getting used and abused all the time and city has done nothing wrong.

Here’s an interesting article on how Hamilton almost landed the Penguins ( Yes, with Mario Lemieux).

Let me know what you think.

It’s official now.

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Hey even Saskatoon very nearly had a NHL team.

If the province supported them like they do the Riders, this could have been a success story.

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The arena location is an issue. It should never had been built out there, but the owner was a real estate developer who couldn’t resist the money the city of Glendale was throwing at him. He sold off the hockey team for an even greater share of the development but it too soon went into foreclosure.
If they would have stuck with the original arena location, they would still be alive and well in Arizona

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It never would have happened as the owners would not allow it which is good because supporting an NHL franchise is a different kettle watermelons than supporting the Riders and the CFL

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True it did not happen because the owners blocked it. It was a different time and set-up in the 80’s and Wild Bill Hunter did have the money to back it. I can see that they would have been here for a while and then likely have been moved to a larger market. My real point was just to show that Saskatoon, like Hamilton, was in the conversation for an NHL team even if it was very unlikely to happen.

I agree the arena in Glendale should have never been built. That’s a blunder on the city. Saying that if it wasn’t for Glendale they would have moved a decade ago.

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Well if north or east of Toronto does get a team eventually, one positive, if you will, from that is that it would certainly eliminate any further discussion/rumours of a team landing in Hamilton. However until this happens, there will constantly be rumours surfacing once in a while “why not Hamilton?” particularly once the renovations to FOC are completed with Leiweke’s group involved.

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Here’s a great recap of the entire history of the Arizona Coyotes before their practical death this week, and now there is a new NHL Salt Lake City thread too!

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And on that note I think it is time to close this successful thread. The questions in the title have been answered. There is no new arena and as of yesterday the Coyotes have officially been relocated.

I suggest continuing discussion take place in the recently opened Salt Lake City thread.